Where the accuracy?

So what’s the point in being accurate on this game? Half the time you have a perfect shot it misses or gives u one pellet and u get gibbed by some half spread or total missed shot I have never seen so much inconsistency in gears also what’s the point of even pop shots my spread doesn’t get any more accurate. I think it’s kinda weird blindfires hit better then a pop shot from what I understand from my years of gaming it’s the opposite but this game just keep surprising me everyday. What’s the point lol I just cant get this wrapped around my head. How in 2021 gears 5 is so inconsistent but u go back to gears 1,2,3 (that are on HOST)or even 4 and shots register better makes no sense. Sorry guys just had to rant because this is ridiculous.


Ur are delusional for u think shots hit in a of the gears games, this has been the number one complaint since the first one.

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True but the hit detection since OP6 launched has bee the worst yet. At no point was Gears 2 ever worse than it is now and that’s saying something. Everyone at TC should be absolutely embarrassed with how poorly the game is running this week.


Hit detection is working great. I’m getting chunked from far away in one shot.


haha, as am I.

But I can’t get my shots to register at all. Tuesday everything was surprisingly fine but after that it’s been unplayable for me.


This man know what I mean I didn’t mean it in a literal sense that oh host just work better nah shun it’s just bad I’m getting at

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My buddy is streaming and the server just disconnected everyone in the match and his whole team got banned.

Way to go TC.



Yes sir.

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That’s horrible great game lmao


I HATE the game in its current state. Its virtually unplayable some matches. Just finished playing a bunch of ranked koth. I dont think i can do this to myself anymore. Its become torture. The old games where made by epic this game was made through outsourcing so whenever code is touched things get messy and TC never admit it. U look at the last “fixes” and its a bunch of cosmetic rubish no one cares about. They mess with gibing people sliding into cover and the whole game goes out the window. Im done. Its just trash to me now.

Have to disagree this is somewhat playable, Gears 2 at launch was not. Day one with the knockdown smokes and lag was horrific


Both were/are in a terrible state.

I remember that Gnasher in Gears 2 where the bullets hit the ground on blind fire unless you were host. Terrible.

But I’m watching bullet trails go towards the enemy and hitting them without any damage done. The hit detection right now for whatever reason is terrible. One day I’m able to kill everyone and the next 4 the same shots don’t work at all but I’m killed from way out of 1 shot range in 1 shot.

I’m not stupid. I realize the same crap was likely happening in my favor 4 days ago. I could have went into a 1v4 and been successful. Now we have 4v1 on our half with several Lancer crosses and a Gnasher and the enemy is still standing there like we’re having a staring contest rather than a gun fight.

Gears has never been known for consistency. But in my experience this is the worst yet and I’ve played it all. Whatever they did with OP6 launch needs a fix or revert because something broke.

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I was disconnecting 3-4 times a game for like 3-4 games in a row yesterday when i was playing with friends from EU. One of the games I was 20 ping and i was still the on disconnecting on MY connection/servers. This has very rarely if at all happened before this OP.

It seems everytime some goes really badly it’s during a new OP release lmfao joke of a game.

I have to disagree gears 2 was a million times worse. Ur shots would literal just hit the ground no matter where u aimed

I feel you.
Why does a blind fire gib at the same range at which aiming, such that the full reticle is on the body, does minimal damage? (maybe 60%)

It makes no sense.

Gears 4 was great in this way. i.e. - it made sense.

the feeling i get tis that tc has done all they can to remove skill from the game and reduce it mess of blind-firing bugs.

At launch you’re correct. The only way to avoid this was being the matches host.

But regardless though this game is still running like hot garbage. Whatever the issue is it needs to be addressed immediately.

I think the gears 2 comparison’s need to stop and take a stance that the year is 2021 and we are STILL griping about the same issues we had since gears 2.

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Sad reality isn’t it?

You’d think in all this time they’d have figured out how to optimize and address the issues we’ve been experiencing since the beginning. Instead it’s a new game with the same ol problems.


In my opinion, that’s a lot of the reason the series is where it’s at when it comes to popularity and play base. People have been burned by the same stuff since 06.