Where’s the Innovation?

Gears 2 took the franchise in a good direction. It added maps and game modes. Experimented. Gears 3, the same. Gears Judgment, albeit a little too much did as well. UE was almost a repainted CCP of Gears 1, which I didn’t mind. Gears 4 didn’t really change anything. It was played very safe, aside from some Horde changes.

So Gears 5 has what… Arcade mode, Escape, and Ultimate Abilities. How is this innovation? Arcade is fun, I’ll give it that. But hardly innovative. It’s just class based TDM. Nothing to see there. Escape is just Overrun 2.0 in reverse. Instead of fighting your way in to destroy the horde, you spawn on the horde and run away. Nothing to see there. And the intimate abilities… wow. I mean… if they were better thought out, I think it would have been better. A shield that pops up from some magical place of nowhere… no. A copy and paste of an electric blade dancer from Destiny. No. And then the throwing down of an ammo crate that again… magically appears? No. This isn’t space magic. The game is rooted in realism and boot to ■■■ combat. The ultimates should have been things that really mattered. A sonar for Baird to mark people in close proximity, regardless of line of sight. Cole should drop his gun and beat the piss out of people with some monstrous brass knuckles, full melee ultimate. Kait could get the ability to toss a very dangerous and long lasting shock grenade. JDs ultimate could be the ability to use his new metal hand as a homing missile, aim a laser with it and fire for a big ■■■ explosion. Marcus should get a pretty sick bolo with a wide reach that can draw multiple enemies in and hold them together for easier kills. You could also have some cloaking abilities, which already exist because Jack has always cloaked. You could add some others. But those are realistic ultimates. Not magic.

Also, I’ve been waiting for games to focus more on destructible environments and more cooperative multiplayer game play. Explosives should change the map permanently as it progresses. You should be able to use an explosive to destroy a wall to create new flank points to get campers. Also… why is there not a “Army of Two” style mechanic where I could run to a wall, let’s say where Hammerburst spawns on Gridlock. Then have a teammate come up and I could boost him up to the wall to create another access point. It’s not that hard. And would be really awesome.

So you’re playing around with alt fires slightly with the GL. That’s cool. But I think you should have taken it further. Which could have opened up even more mechanics. Every gun should have an alt fire. Let’s say the Gnasher could load in some less than lethal bags. And then if you’re in campaign and you get a high health enemy, when he’s weak enough, you could hit him with less than lethal and then do a sort of interrogation execution on them which could give you added information to a treasure, or collectible or something. But I think you should explore these mechanics. Because it would add a lot of layer and depth to things that already exist.

I also think that you should not be developing 3 games at once. Gears 5, Gears POP and the Gears RTS all in unison I think is too much. I think you should have gone for a more open world experience. Gears is perfect for this. Everything’s there.

Customization would be great too. Not having cookie cutter characters. Being able to build our characters would be fantastic. Everyone starts with a base character with base stats. You can add armor, but lose something. So every +1 armor you add, you lose -1 speed. Things like that. And it could show in game. Bulk up legs, chest, arms and helmet all independently. Find a good fit for yourself. And then let us customize color schemes. If you just give us the basic characters and then give us the tools to make and customize them ourselves… you don’t have to waste time and resources making new skins. We can just do it ourselves and you can focus on making actual content for the game.

Warzone. This game mode should come back. It’s a staple. But it should have a twist. Weekend only playlist. 5v5. 1 life per round. Ranks reset weekly for this playlist. And you can offer up rewards of weapon skins. Blah blah blah. So many different things. And there should be a leaderboard. A weekly incentive to play a hardcore mode. Escalation is ridiculously long and boring.

I also think you should shake up the multiplayer. No more weapon pick ups on the map. Right slot choose between lancer, retro, hammerburst, markza. Left slot Gnasher, sawed off, enforcer, flamethrower. Pistol choice between snub, gorgon or Boltok. And then any grenade. And then you would be able to pick 1 heavy weapon to bring into a game with you. Boom. Drop. Digger. Sniper. Torque bow. You would have 1 magazine of ammo for your heavy to use at your discretion of heavy. Rifle ammo would replenish on respawn or new round. Secondary ammo would be limited to the amount you came into the match with like heavy. This would eliminate a lot of bottle necks in maps, camping and spawn killing. It would also open up a lot of diversity for people to play how they want to play.

Also, the Boltok needs better handling and accuracy over all. All the other guns shoot with good precision and feel. The Boltok feels awkward to handle and doesn’t shoot like a giant revolver should. We’re soldiers, not McDonald’s workers. We should be able to handle the gun a lot better.

And finally… what’s with all the virtue signaling in this series now? No smoking. Female lead. And then cross promotions with Halo and The Terminator franchises… who are you placating to with all this nonsense?

Innovation and evolution is necessary for survival. I’m not opposed to some of the stuff you’re trying… but I think you should have thrown your whole ■■■■■ into it, because some of it just feels half ■■■■■.

Gears has so much potential. I’m wondering when you’re going to stop revamping things that have already been done and actually do something new for Gears?..


Way too long to read, first of all. Also, maybe wait til the game is actually out to complain that they haven’t innovated enough. Most people are gonna say they’ve changed too much.


Your whole paragraph on Horde is a complaint about the new mechanics. Just breathe, and try the game next week. If you still feel so strongly, feel free to make another thread.


Or… I’m going to stand by this thread. Because it says everything I want to say. As well as, I live in a free society and can say what I wish, regardless of your approval.

And innovation doesn’t necessarily mean change. As you say, people will say it changed too much. Adding things to gears that already exist in other games is not innovation. It’s copying. Hence why my title asks where the “innovation” is… not where is the “change”.

I’m fine with constructive criticism. I’m not fine with a willfully ignorant comment that exists for the sole purpose to troll a topic you don’t agree with.

And finally, I stated a lot of things that I get could help the game, and things that I know exist that I think will hinder it. You’re adding nothing. Merely trying to tell me what to do. I’ll pass. You want to add something to the conversation, by all means go right ahead. But if all you have are comments that mirror the ones you’ve already made… then you’ve made your point. You disagree with me. Move along then. No one is forcing you to be in this thread and read it.


Innovation is all about skins and cosmetics these days.

How to sell, what to sell and how to much to sell for.


It doesn’t have to be though. That’s my point. When games like FUSE came out… The Last of Us, Gears 1, Halo or Halo 2, FEAR, Bioshock… innovation has led to some amazing things. Most games are so stagnant and just copies of every other game. Seasons are taking over. Battle passes. Battle royales. … it’s the same junk over and over. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to drop a battle royale mode in Gears just for the gimmick.

I want to see video games be great again. Especially this one. That’s why I wrote all that.


I’m hoping that the map builder and lobby browser will be the innovation you’re looking for.

If players are able to create their own maps and customize the game settings to their preference, then potentially players could create the old gears 1,2,3 modes they want or create something new for people to experience.

@god2kill waaaay to long of a rant and complaining to read,don’t be a hater before the game is even out,play it first then come back to moan about it.


Well I’ll give it to you for at least following up your complaints with some specific examples and changes you’d like to see. Rather than just bashing the game, you got creative and thoughtful. Not that I agree one way or the other with anything you said. Just like to give credit where it’s due.


So basically you’re salty the game didn’t “innovate” in VERY specific ways you brainstormed up, and also there’s a female player character now, which automatically means “virtue signalling” because reasons.

They’ve introduced open-world mechanics to the campaign, turned Jack into a playable character with light RPG mechanics, turned Horde into a quasi-hero shooter, and added an entirely new multiplayer mode that includes a map-maker. And that’s just off the top of my head.

Escape isn’t “innovation”, because you think it’s Overrun 2.0 in reverse… but you think having alt-fires for the weapons IS innovative? The drop shield is a thing that exists in Halo, not a magic spell.

Like… some of your ideas are good, but your actual argument isn’t. The game has 'evolved" - it just apparently hasn’t “evolved” in ways you wanted it to, in the time they had available. And that’s fine if you feel that way.


Gears Tactics is developed by Splash Damage. Gears Pop! is developed by Media Tonic. TC are developing Gears 5.

Please do your research before posting. Hate when people do this.

Warzone was dead upon release in Gears 4. After the first week it was very hard to find a match. Warzone is still in the game as a private mode and one you can search with in the server browser.

What’s the problem with a female lead? Kait leading Gears 5 is self-explanatory given the end of 4. Cross-promotions with other games are fine, as long as it stays out of Campaign. No smoking is something that has been decided by Rod because of personal events in his life.

Goodness me. Wow. I don’t know what to say about this. Weapon pick-ups forces fights in areas around the map. If you take that away, people will just go to the most advantageous position and camp there the entire match. Very exciting, isn’t it? Well, what’s the difference, people camp with Lancers anyway. Might as well give them a Retro/Marksa for their troubles.


It seems like OP doesn’t even get the basic design behind multiplayer.


Erm, yes they do.

Its like asking a Fast food restaurant to make a new vaccum cleaner. Asking a dev studio to develop a mobile game, a RTS and a TPS at the same time is impossible.

TC give them support and the rights to use the Gears assets. Its only like MS giving support to 343 to make a Halo game. You don’t need a team of 50 to do that. You will probably have 10 people at the most giving daily support.

And please, dismantle the other points of my post. Please, I enjoy eating my words.


Send TC a message and ask how much control they have over the other games. It’s a license. Not free reign. They have approve. Just as Microsoft has final approval. You know… since they own the IP.

What is it that makes you think these other companies have autonomy to do whatever they want? That doesn’t exist. You’re wrong. 100% wrong. I dare you to prove otherwise. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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No you don’t. Where’s the rest of the 1,750 in Gears 4 you don’t have?

If you cared at all, you’d be on one profile per system. You don’t have what you say you do, because if you did you’d have already posted their names to brag even more about your nonexistent epeen. And since you’ll never give names for the other profiles and have any proof that you actually own these accounts, there’s just no way we can believe you.

Then why would you suggest getting rid of a core mechanic? Just because you play something, doesn’t mean you understand it. It just means you’ve played it.
Do you understand Guitar Hero 3 and all its intricacies and lenient mechanics that would allow you to FC every song easier even though you have absolutely no achievements in the game even though you’ve played it? Where’s your hardcoreness on that game? Come at me bro, I’m only missing a single achievement in the whole GH franchise.

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Funny. You call me sexist. And then when I prove you wrong… you resort to calling me names and trying to talk down on me. I’m sorry you were wrong but that doesn’t mean you should retaliate in such a juvenile way.

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Hey buddy. Sorry to bother with you this, I’m sure you’re busy, but you know that thread from a new days or a week ago about lag compensation granting extra damage and health buffs and how you originally bet $1,000 USD was totally true, but was later proven untrue? Well our good friend @GhostofDelta2 (who was first in with taking this to TC) asked if it could be kindly be donated to the charity Doctors Without Borders.


You seem like a good chap and a man of your words. Would be lovely if you honoured your agreement.


Listen pal,you didn’t prove ■■■■! And all your doing is coming into this community not to speak about gears but to dismantle a game you haven’t even played yet nor got your hands on! BRAG about your fake gamerscore and YES be sexist towards having a female lead. You go on and on about gears 5 like you created the game,stop causing a row and back lashing everybody,everyone has caught you out in your rants and moanings. Just stop. Either get along or move along pal.


There you go again bragging when nobody give a ■■■■. Just stop and give up

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Developing a game, and having free creative design over a game, is 2 different things.