“Where’s Rojas?”

Yeah that guy from gears one.

Does he have a story that I’m not aware of? And if he does, could he possibly be a skin for the next gear game?

I know just about everything about all major gears characters, just not this guy, who has a name.

I thought he was the guy that was dead later on? In the house of sovereigns I believe?

Yeah you got that right. I was curious as to who he was and how he ended up with Cole and dying. Apearenly Cole wasn’t aware of his death and was surprised to see Rojas dead.

Real question is why was he named? Is he an important person with a backstory?

I see what you mean, never really explored that because I remember the guys saying “where’s Rojas, hopes he ok, he has a family” or something along those lines.

Then, we find him dead so didn’t think about it afterwards!

Will be good to see if anyone has any information :+1:

Yeah I think it was just quick fodder to humanize the Gears. I don’t remember Cole being surprised, it was Baird who asked “Where’s Rojas?”

What threw me off is that Baird almost sounds expectant of Rojas to be dead. As if he hated him , but still knew him well, but also didn’t want him dead. Cole sounded like him and Rojas had just met, nothing like Bairds relationship with Cole but also nothing like coles relationship with Dom, which was just about 3 years.

I just realised, could Rojas be the fourth Carmine brother? Like as far fetched as it sounds the COG could possibly has him labelled as either KIA or MIA. Cole never called the death in at the tomb of the unknowns due to the berserker,but Baird and Cole where aware that he was dead, and had his tags. maybe when they got back to Jacinto? Then again Benjamin would have no idea since he was in basic training with almost no contact with his family other than letters when he got shipped with delta.
Not to mention Anthony died right before he was found, and Benjamin said “we are all gears! All four of us, well, 3 now. (Referring to Anthony )

Only like a 0.1 percent chance but still interesting to think about

Fair point. But id argue that the Carmines are too pasty white to be named “Rojas”.

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And why weren’t Baird and Cole even talking about his death like they did Dom, as if it was his first day? Why would his first day be on the mission that determines who wins the war with the resonator? Involving several miles of traveling through the outer hollows to plant it at the imulsion station. Not to mention this mission would be extremely dangerous, and would require the same amount of expirience as Baird (several decades) of fighting in war in order to execute. Was Rojas their CO? maybe a new transfer commanding officer? As I can recall, Baird did not mention who their squads CO was, as both Cole and Baird where privates. Maybe they didn’t like Rojas? Maybe he was an ■■■?
A former captain in the UIR? Maybe that explains bairds aparent uninterested facial expression when he was given the news? Wouldn’t that also explain why Cole liked Rojas more due Titan he fact he was good friends with Paduk?

This dude has so much potential story it can be made into a DLC

Several Decades? Maybe one and a half, since Baird was enlisted on E-Day.

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There has to be a specific reason that Baird sounded the way he did to the news of his death. Might try to find out why

No love for Tanner.

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Point proven.

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Don’t do this to me man.

Baird had this way of really not giving a f**k about most people. You can tell more from the books… The only reason he had the relationship with Cole was because Cole saved him from getting beat up a few times when they were both recruited. As for Rojas he was just a throw away character like @Buster_McTunder said more or less to humanize the Gears. Paduk is really the only former UIR soldier to join the COG that we know of up until The Coalitions End when the UIR joined the COG at Vectas. Theres really only 2 characters that don’t show up in the game from the books and comics and thats Helena Stroud and Bai Tak who I hope ends up in Gears 5

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He seemed to really care when Dom died though. Baird only new Dom in gears 1 for about 2 days during the entire course of gears one. Then they split up until they found each other during hollow storm when Baird was trapped with tanner @anon17697949 (hahairemembered) in the hollow. But I think gears 2 is where their relationship grew the most. Not to mention he literaly created an entire mechanised police force deticated to protect people. He may be an a**, but he’s a considerate a**.

If anything his reaction to both Rojas and tanners death was probably a character flaw, or vice versa. Unless we are told he suffers from Bipolar disorder, or autism, we will never know

Well he’s very isolationist. He’s close to Cole, Dom and Marcus of course. Even Sam. But he spent years together with them. Kind of like Benedict Cumberbatchs Sherlock, where he hated most charactes but loved his closest friends. Baird wasn’t close with Sofia or Paduk even though he served with them. But he spent several years with Dom and Marcus, same as Cole. And of course he probably made the DBs less with the intention of straight up helping people, and more of something that happened. Like Marcus says, the DBs were initially made to clean, and Baird puts the killer DB thing on Jinn, so it’s possible that Baird just made maid-bots and the COG militarized them.

Yea but in Gears 1 he was still an a** to Marcus and Dom (more Marcus because he got promoted over him) Then he realized Marcus knows how to stay alive and keep his squad alive as well. Baird truly only cares about a handful of people (Cole, Marcus, Dom, Sam, Hoffman, and Anya) You learn more in the books about him. He’s an ahole, but a lovable ahole. Hes not bipolar or autistic or anything. He just lacks empathy for most people.

(If the image works)
From The Official Gears Wiki, Baird made the bots for construction and cleaning like I and Marcus said. Jinn militarized them. I know I already said this, but just wanted to give evidence to support my claim like a good student I am.

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It comes up in 1 of the last chapters of the game. When Baird arrives