Where’s Reyna in multiplayer?

Just wondered where black steel Reyna ya disappeared to in game? I know she’s not massively loved but she’s my favourite character by far?

Also do people think we will have a playable multiplayer Reyna skin in GOW5?

I rarely seen her used even when she was first available, to be honest.

As for Gears 5 it’s a certainty. It’d be good if they released a “Swarm infected” Reyna as she was at the end of Gears 4.


Really? I guess there is a lack in female characters.

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She was from Black Steel eSports Supporter Pack 1. Last time I remember it being up in Store was last year in December where they put up every single Black Steel characters, available for direct purchase and price was reduced.

And it seems likely that Reyna would be playable for Gears 5. Although, maybe not Black Steel.

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I’ve started using Black Steel Bernie and Reyna more.

They seem to be underused.

Same with BS Tai.

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So much for it being popular requests. They could’ve done Black Steel Kantus.


Kantus would have been nice.

The Flame Grenadier never appeared either.

I would have liked the Golden Hunter Too - Black and Gold is a nice Combo.


Gilded Hunter, even better. Black and Gold like Gilded RAAM treatment.

Not a fan of Gilded myself - but anything to make it happen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They never really added Locust Hunter in Gears 4 anyway. It’d be better if turned up in Gears 5 though. Complete roster of all previous Locust as well.

Yeah, this is big hope,

Have every character previously seen in the older games back, obviously staggered would be good.

I imagine launch will focus on new Swarm and DB varieties plus the new COG/Outsider Characters and/or with new updates Armour.

They made black steel kantus and armoured kantus

It was Black Steel Savage Kantus. Armoured Kantus isn’t Black Steel,

Armored Kantus has a black steel variant. It was in eSports Supporter 10 (along with Minh and Classic Marcus).

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I see. Didn’t notice this. But my original point was there not being Black Steel Kantus.

Agreed. Given how lazy the black steel skins were from Supporter 11-13, I did feel like it was a missed opportunity to release something nice.

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Honestly wish I could gain black steel reyna such a nice card man

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