Where My Animal Skins

Yo we’re are the Animal Skins I see people with them and haven’t got min and I claimed them while watching the event

They said two weeks after the update and it’s been less than a day, it’s a manual process so it might take a while.

Be patient and dont fret you will get it within 2 weeks, its a long distribution process.

You’ll get yours in the next day or two. It doesn’t give everyone them at the same time. I have all of mine now but they came scattered and my friends got some of the weapons first.

Side note: the skins suck anyway so don’t worry about them too much.

I got the gnasher wait time you get IT i wait for lancer

Confirmed from TC they have started to roll out, but please remember

Claimed Animal Weapon Skins will appear on your account within the next 2 weeks (i.e. they can be deployed before - 2 weeks is the latest deadline)

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