Where is What's Up?

This is an another reason (a small one) for raging into this decision. Let’s compare it to the Esports Packs

Lambent Drone is 13$, right?
1 esports pack (The ones that are supporter 5 or above) is 10$ including A gurranted character, And you get 2-3 weapon skins, Even if you aren’t guaranteed to get what you want, You get more things and mostly better items
I think ESports packs is better in this case

They did seem to put detailed work into creating each character models.
$1.99 might be too low, way lower than Black Steel and Griffin.
Add on the fact it’s never playable character before, it’s worth the price tag.

Worth is subjective. You could add any reason on to why you think that this is worth this price and I will not see your side of it. Personally, I think that a single character skin, which in no way affects the game-play and will be obsolete and unusable in the next year, is not worth $10. ACTUAL DLC in GoW3 is $9.99 and I think that money would be better spent on purchasing ACTUAL CONTENT and not something that probably took a couple hours to make and paraded as “content”.

MAYBE $2.99 if I only played this game and it was my favorite character? IDK. I’m not a fan of the microtransaction world and think it is ruining the industry across the board, but that’s also just my opinion.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, I know people need jobs, money to live, blah blah blah… yes I get it. I’m just saying I’d rather they add something that changes the experience, not just the color of it. I actually spend extra quan on those things.