Where is What's Up?

Ehm as the tile says just wanna know when the what’s up comes out

2pm ET

Oh okay, thanks.

probably release in the next 30 mins - 1 hr as usual. They don’t exactly have to release on the exact time.

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Twitter and FB first and then the forum…Sometimes I find it first on FB then twitter or vice versa

People still use Facebook? I always look/use twitter myself.

Yeah unfortunately. Wish I never started a FB page tbh

2X XP throughout September


Am I reading that right? You have to PAY for the new skins instead of credits right away?

Apparently it’s just available for real-world money for the foreseeable future.


I hope there is a credits option… If not, I would be so mad and so are the community

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Me too, over 500,000+.

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Well it gives you want you want with no rng.
Seems like they listened to feedback

You forgot the /s

Money, Money and Money again…
Pfff ! I’m bummed.
Mad world.

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So stupid. I was looking forward to it but now instead of paying about 60 for everything I’ll just get Spider-Man next week

I don’t understand why it’s $10 for 1 character. Shouldn’t they be like $1.99?

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Yes exactly. Would I buy it? Probably not. For me, it would be a waste of a few dollars because I barely play MP anyways

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