Where is this GOW movie!

There have been, Edgerunners is good but it just really brought back all the people who didn’t know the game had gotten 2 big content updates (one being a tie-in to the series).

Otherwise there’s no saying that it actually brought in new players, for instance a lot of my coworkers are big on gaming and anime but none of them seem too interested in picking up 2077 again just because of the show.

Correlation =/= Causation.

But I also don’t think a Gears show would be handled as well as Edge or Arcane. CDPR have a handle and seemed much more involved with Edge, same with the League devs and Arcane. Versus something like the Halo show which was just handed off by 343. After seeing the Gears 5 narrative team give bogus answers to questions about the games, and saying literally to the effect of “because why not,” with the inclusion of Leeches that now fly, and the writer for 4, 5 and Judgement presumably going to write Gears 6 and look over any TV/Netflix series if it did happen, I do not have enough faith in some Netflix studio or TC to handle it.

If they announced some of the older writers from Gears were to come back, Travis, Ortega, Capps even, I’d be a bit more hopeful. But if it’s some studio with TC’s current team over their shoulders, the Rock and Batista as Marcus and… Dom? I guess. Idk I’m not going to be very hype for it.

Honestly if they do something I hope it’s an original story so it doesn’t interfere with Delta, or it’s animated either Full-CG or animated in a comic-anime style so we can get the original cast.

To me the best way to do it would be something like “Kill Team Kill,” from netflix’s “Love, Death + Robots” show. Make a bunch of stories from the comics or even a light retelling of the OG trilogy with as much of the original cast and wild animation as you can. Otherwise I don’t see a point in watching a live-action Gears anything. Just can’t capture the same aesthetics in the right way, imo.

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When I saw that episode it reminded me of Gears lol even my hubs who doesn’t play said “ hey these guys look like those gear soldiers in your game”

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If we got a Gears of War tv series it would probably be about as good as the newest Resident Evil series — so not good at all.

As long as it sticks closely enough to the source material I don’t see anything wrong with a TV series. But if I were someone who never played Halo and saw the TV series I’m not exactly sure I’d be convinced by it to get the games… and I can hardly call it representative of them either, certainly based on the (not very positive) reviews I’ve heard.

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It’s not, it kinda betrays Chief as a character honestly, I thought there was some more symbolism behind it but he removes the helmet before the end of the first episode.

I feel like a Gears show would unmask the Carmines, or make Baird mexican or refrain from using the Lancer because it’d be too much for them to do VFX on a chainsaw. I couldn’t say but like Snubs said, it’d probably end up like Halo or Resident Evil, both of which are far from representative of the games.

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But… but i thought it was only gnasher that we used.


If they ever make a movie or tv show then I pray it won’t be live action. Because it can never do the games justice.
Animated/cgi is a must.

As for story I also hope they don’t use any of the characters from the games other than small cameos. Or re-hash the games story.
Come up with new characters and do something with those instead. Otherwise it’ll be like the awful halo series.

This just put the image in my head of Dave Bautista playing Marcus in a Gears movie just wall bouncing everywhere blasting Locust with the gnasher.

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I’m a huge Halo nerd, the tv show is not representative of the Games and story at all. Masterchief removes his helmet in the first episode and because for some reason, the dolts over at paramount thought having a masterchief nude and sex scene was a good idea. But I think 343 saw the backlash coming before the show aired. Because they declared it non-canon and an “alternate timeline” before it came out.

Should’ve known it was going to be terrible when they announced Season 2 was coming before season 1 even aired. Calling the TV Show character “Masterchief” is an insult to the character as a whole. He’s not Masterchief, he’s a bootleg masterchief. Jimmy Rings if you will.

Yeah, that’s more or less what I heard when I watched the Act Man’s video on how the show was terrible(a few weeks back). Can’t say I’m sorry for not having watched it.

But rolls and then he died.

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That show is an abomination to the Franchise and should never have seen the light of day.

It’s the exact reason I hope they never make any kind of Gears of War film, live action or animated. Oh, that and the possibility Carolyn Seymour may not reprise her role as our beloved Queen Myrrah. Unlikely, if she is still with us, but still.

No Carolyn, no deal.

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I’d rather watch Halo legends. And I hate Halo legends

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