Where is the Snowball Fight Vs Event

They could’ve just made a drunk hungover Marcus skin for New Years


What is it ?

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It’s frozen free fall.

A joke from Snow Queen


Yeah same here. I can’t see the snowball fight on mine either…can do all the rest but won’t be able to get The father Marcus skin without the snowball fight!

Where is this blog post that says it’s being released next week? Haven’t seen anything saying that?


In the end of OSOK: “And for the Snowball fight fans out there, your time will come.”

So this week: OSOK, next week: Snowball.


Bro fr I was like where the hell is the event? Just let me have the option to buy the the character literally don’t have time for this


Terrible timing on the part of TC.


Snowball fight is still not here it’s “OSOK” for the vs special, and this is the week of Christmas.


Don’t they want people to actually be able to use the Christmas Marcus skin prior to Christmas? Just remove the medal requiring the Snowshot at this point.


Maybe due to Global Warming TC cancelled Snowball Fight because there is no snow!? :thinking:

Snowball Fight is in the menu.

12/30 :sunglasses:

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24/30 :open_mouth:

Absolute trash mode, lololol

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Good idea on paper and I’d be interested in trying it with a different gun, but it is not fun at all. Got my Marcus skin and dont plan to play it again

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Have you gotten into it? I keep searching for a match and just keep getting dashboarded. A different reason each time

  1. Failed to connect to server
  2. Failed to join game. Session no longer exists

Yep, just got my 30 kills and left. Working for me.

So who were a naughty grub!? You were a naughty grub!? :grin:

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So how the hell does this work. I am hitting players but they are walking it off like it was nothing. Direct hits and hits right in front them for some reason seem to have no effect what so ever. Am I missing something and no I am not missing my shots lol.