Where is the Scorcher "Playing Cards" Weapon skin in Tour V?

It ain’t their and I already completed almost up to the last set, and it doesn’t show scorcher in the rest of the Tour… Wtf TC…


Ya I noticed that last night. I opened all of the playing card skins but the scorcher skin is not unlocking and I’m assuming the other skins will not either. When I bought the bundle pack the Jade skin did open. @TC_Sera is this a glitch with the scorcher’s weapon skins not unlocking?

I’m having the same issue, if you earned the “power” set before the scorcher skins were added a day or so after OP5 released, you won’t get the Scorcher skin.

Now I have the full playing card set, minus the Scorcher which just sits there locked. I have the Riftworm and Crosshatch Scorchers though, because I earned the “power” skins for those sets AFTER the OP5 scorcher skins were added. I have seen the Playing Card scorcher in game, so I know it now unlocks with the power set like the Riftworm and Crosshatch set. EXCEPT for people who unlocked those portions of the sets before the skins were added.

It’s BS and is triggering my OCD hardcore that this skin was not retroactively unlocked for me.

I hear ya. I believe in the stream TC said they were looking into it. I’m sure they’ll release them once they release the next update. Next question is how long will it take.

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Some people apparently unlocked some skins. Mine are all locked.