Where is the other 120G?

So, literally every single topic made about the new Hivebuster DLC (on the xbox site, on xbox wire, yesterday’s patch notes), was talking about 16 achievements worth 210G and we just got 15 worth 90G.
Where is the remaining ?

Thes is getting ridiculous, you just add a bunch of new achievements worth 5G, just to keep people engaged without properly rewarding.

The original article also had three achievements listed that were already out. Pretty safe to say that 16 for 210 was wrong and it was always 15 for 90, which brings the game to a 2000 total. Makes way more sense that way.

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All Chapters is stuck at 83% for me atm. Same for Keegans ability, it’s at 0% but that might be because I used it via Tacom. At least Insane tracks. For now.

Yeah, but still they released an article 14h ago stating that it would be the wrong way! How incompentent is this social team ?

Here are a few other goodies you can enjoy in this expansion:

Up to 3-player co-op, split-screen or online
16 new achievements to unlock for 210 Gamerscore
The expansion supports Gears 5 Xbox Series X|S optimizations, including reduced load times, quick resume, variable refresh rates, and 4K HDR Ultra visuals on Series X.
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Well either they messed up as usual, or were about to get Seriously Chapter 2 for 120.