Where Is The Leaderboard? 2nd Ask


Where is the leaderboard for this:

I asked this like last month. No staff or moderator has ever reached out or made a statement or anything.

Thank you for reading.

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A leaderboard? in a flawed system? at this point they should scrap the idea and simply say: whoever gets X amount of points, will get all the goodies.

They’ve tried double and triple points to compensate, but should a leaderboard exist, people will simply complain.

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Exactly. There seem to be inconsistencies in points being awarded as well with some people seemingly getting fewer points compared to someone else who watched the same length of time.

Plus we haven’t had any clarification about what the threshold is. How exclusive will it be? Are we talking top 50 players? Or are we talking percentages like top 1%? The whole system even for the Team Phantoms was unclear from the start. Should have just stuck to the old system of click and claim.

Do you think there will be an answer?
It seems like all these threads go into a blackhole.