Where is The Gorgon Pistol Lol

I Miss The Gorgon Its Under rated tbh

They took that out before gears 4 even. I did like to use that thing once in awhile. If I had a meat shield I preferred the gorgon but if I was shooting across the map I liked the boltok. We got the talon so it’s kind of like the gorgon.

Do you use Talon?

You can still find Gorgon on GoW2.


I mean the lack of gorgons breechshots and other weapons like the shields and such are understandable as locust weapons were thrown away and probaby wouldnt work after 25 years of being underground rained on destroyed etc
That would probably be the best excuse in this situation

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I could understand this explanation for campaign and the lore but MP should have most of the weapons

If you hook up with Micheal J Fox and jump in his car, switch the date back to 5 years ago and wait for some lightning you should be able to find it on the other side. :rofl:

I also miss the Gorgon Pistol. The Talon Pistol does not compare. The Gorgon sounded so beast man. I also miss the Scorcher. I used to love seeing people burn. It looked great.


The Talon pistol effectively took both gorgon pistol’s place and the alt fire modes even call back to both versions of the Gorgon the machine pistol variant and the burst variant though the burst variant is a bit different. It went the same place as the Hammerburst 2 or 1 depending on how you look at it, but either way there’s 3 different Lancers and only one Hammerburst in every game and there was at least one clear example of the Hammerburst 2 being labeled as an improved version and yet still always only given one except for Judgement and this iteration of the Hammerburst is more akin to the Hammerburst from Gears 1 than IMO any iteration of the Hammerburst has been since. Personally if they have alt fire modes I’d like to see a Semi-Auto Hammerburst 2 return with an alt fire of a 3 round burst if the trigger is pressed too quickly (limiting modded firerates) or if the trigger is intentionally held for a length of time and call that the Hammerburst 2. Also gone is the Sawed off and Flamethrower, don’t see a Mortar either, but haven’t played campaign also the the Cluckshot because that’s a thing.

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scorcher execution was the best ever. loved that in GOW3. scorcher def needs to come back.

The gorgon… the mortar… the scorcher… the ink grenades(they’re in POP! :roll_eyes:)… … . … the sawed off(also in POP!)

Gears 3 hammy… drool
Iron sights single shot heaven


TC replaced the Ink Grenades for the Shock Grenades.

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Obviously not the same… not by a longshot


I’m pretty sure since this game brings back Gears Of War 2 vibes the closest thing you’ll get towards the gorgon is the talon pistol.

I agree with you on that.

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And not to mention that ink grenades killed after they downed… shocks are down only… so not even a total replacement

Inks were savage

The Gorgon had a major cosmetic change into Robocop’s pistol and was renamed The Talon. Still functions the same.

Gears 6 needs to bring back every weapon at least for the multiplayer

Gorgon was great! But remember it was awful for a while. It took several updates to make it worthwhile and then most people forgot about it, but if you kept at it, it was amazing. Pavilion with gorgon and boom shield was amazing.

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Ignored for no good reason, just like the other missing weapons.