Where is the gore!?!?!?!?!

Is it just me or did the gore get weaker? Bring back the pop sound from gnashing someones head off with blood spraying everywhere in Gears 4. That was so satisfying. Disappointed


You’ll live, its just some gore.


They turned it down in orser to get that all to precious 60fps

It’s not talking about just gears 5 but you can find basically a Identical thread here
The more people in one thread the merrier :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Are you blind? Seriously eye test is in order.

Gore, blood and body parts everywhere.

More then GoW2 and GoW3 combined.

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Funny joke :rofl:

Got me good

If you don’t see the difference with your own eyes.
You sir are blind

Gears 5 has top notch looking blood sprites, for the brief seconds before they suck into the floor. But everywhere else it’s weaker in everyway


Same video over and over on 100+ threads on gore topic.

To me GoW5 is superior in every way.

On the other hand if TC put Witcher3 gore in this game people would cry because it hurts their feelings and makes them uneasy.


Thats why kids are not ment to play gears. Thats what gears is. A brutal 3PS

Well was anyway

And the option to turn gore off exists sooooo whats your counter argument?

You argue with the vid because it’s just facts :rofl: show me evidence where gears 5 gore is better and i’ll humour you.

Good luck with that because you won’t find someone dumb enough to lie to hardcore fans faces

Don’t mix graphics and effects up. They are 2 different things

You are entitled to your opinion but it’s just wrong so wrong
The only thing gears 5 has a up on is blood splatter and splash sprite detail and blood on the character


Don’t get me wrong …

I would love for GoW to have brutal gore, dismemberment that makes you sick and blood everywhere accompanied with adult 18+ themes that really makes you uneasy when you think about them during the play and after when you think about them.

Next game that will push the boundaries is Cyberpunk2077 …

You see what happened with new CoD: MW?
InfinityWard intensified gore just a little bit and put few realistic water boarding scenes with darker atmosphere and every single sissy reviewer is crying how it makes them uneasy. This moron Greg from IGN or wherever this fake gamer works almost cried after first 2v2.


CoD is filled with kids. People who casual play games, of course you still have your hardcore but they are over run by the casual

Cod never started as a brutal shooter
Gears Did
Mortal Kombat did (as a fighter)
DOOM did

And again the option to turn of gore ALWAYS exists, so why tone it down ?

Gears was shown off to the masses as a brutal shooter. It did not evolve from clean to gore alienating people who can’t handle gore

Name 1 person who compains that gore in DOOM is bad or they can’t take it ?
And i’m talking about long time gamers.

Not susan from the office who plays clash of clans and candy crush

This is gunna sound subjective but. Gears was made for burrly a ss MEN grown a ss mature adults who want the over the top brutal experience.
Not kids and people who just wanna go PEW PEW PEW.


I’m not a burrly a ss man by I still play brutal gears. Games like MK with organs hanging out. I’ve seen worse IRL. Much worse.

Can’t handle it


Extreme content

Im looking for the gore on button it’s missing in gears 5


Yo, where are you going with this argument? I’ll give you that gears 5 is beautiful than the previous games in terms of environment, lighting and design.

But gears 5 doesn’t hold anything to how the mechanics were from the previous gears. GoW2 had much more character influenced from how they ran, where they got shot and everything in between. The weapons felt heavier the punches felt like they hurt. And even a downed enemy/player would leave a trail of blood as they crawled. And in that game you could see the bones and chunks of blood.

You’re telling me Gears 5 has more Gore or better yet, superior in every way? I don’t think so.

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Personally option to turn off extreme content and gore from GoW … I would completely remove.


When GoW2 was in its prime time, this forum complained it is too gory, realistic and bloody.
Back then I was one of few people that defended mature rated game direction and content it had in it no matter how realistic it was back then.


World changed in last 15 years. It’s completely T for Teen rated, blood, gore and adult 18+ content is removed left and right from video games, movies and TV shows.
Everything needs to be for everyone, soft, mellow, politically correct, God forbid you insult 100+ fake genders in your product or you are vocal about subject on social media that new loser no job millennials with useless university diplomas find offensive. You know about whom I’m talking about.

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The hell are you talking about.

Games have got more and more gory as times gone on.

Again what the hell do you call doom ? Resident evil ? RDR2 ? Mortal Kombat

No real gamers cares about these 3rd party idiots using games to push their ideals
This is Gears of War
It has nothing to do with real life or even tries to be

Plus this was about your statement that gears 5 gore is the best its been. None of what your saying adds anything but pointless banter everyone zZzZzZzs too. We know we live in this world too. No one comes on the forums to hear political bs

Just take the L and move on


You’d be surprised honestly…

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Well everyone wants to feel special about somthing. It’s like the adult version of attention seeking its why I just ignore it. It’s cringe as F

Idk when the human racee became so weak but damn.


Eh, I get it to some extent. There is definitely a cultural pu**yfication going on right now, so I get the frustration, and how some might see that carrying over into video games, plus, Balkan is a buddy of mine.
Though tbh this entire convo pre-dates me. I was only 5 when Gears 1 release lmao.

Devs should just ignore it.
It does nothing but benefit them. Everybody loves it when devs Middle finger these soft cry babies

You got people busting a nutt over that kill streak in COD MW 2019 Too

War crimes in a game that shows the dark side of war. It’s like people want to rewrite history. <,< BF5

still. No gear head alive who gives 2 Fs about political memes. Just the asking of. “Why here ?”

Totally Agreed, I give credits that the blood spraying in the character when chainsawing Is nice, I like it but the Gore inside the dead bodies is really weak like some salami not a rib Cage, we need proper Gore and Brutality like in the old days, specially gears 2, thats one of the things made fall in love with Gears since 2008
Also the back bone visible when it’s a headshot


Gears 5 :sweat_smile:

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Gears 2 had incredible gore detail - bones, organs, blood. They’ve toned it down since then. I like Gears 5 but objectively the amount of gore has decreased.

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