Where is the Gears of War 4 news on this site?

I remember in the past there were

Gone with no explanation

I have been wondering the same thing . Just want to know if I am SOL with my last two achievements or not.

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Which 1’s? If Im around this week I’ll ask in the dev stream.

The two weapon skin event ones that were supposed to be craftable in January


Bacon and something else.

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Its the midnight omen and flaming skins right?

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A promise never followed through on.


Midnight Omen and Flaming skins were the required skins. Achievement names are Better than bacon and something else related to bacon for the Flaming ones.

OP, you’re of luck until TC do their planned Gears 4 update that was supposed to come beginning of year and then pushed off to summer.


Gears 4 update - what update?

TC: “What Gears of War 4!?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If they make an update though I hope they don’t make it worse or something because when 5 came out it has been wonky compared to beforw. I have noticed people get kicked more in public ones I hope it wasn’t intentional :frowning:

Removal of the ranked system or Ranked and its modes altogether(at least I think that they planned to do that) and making Flaming and Midnight Omen skins craftable to allow people to get them now that Gears 4 has no more event support.

But it’s anyone’s guess when that happens.

Twitter is the official website now.