Where is the flock?

I just played a few escapes solo that are not appearing in the daily challenge and remembered there was a flock boss

I haven’t seen it at all in any of horde matches or latest escapes

Did they stop using the flock boss for some reason?

Flocks are only in very few Escape hives. Two of them are The Hive(unreliable) and Forever.

The boss practically doesn’t seem to exist in Frenzy. I only see it spawn in 50 wave runs.


I guess it took Baird’s advice to “go Flock itself.”

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Did it go flock itself in the fornicator ( please @TC_Clown and mods, do not ban me again for using the fornicator in a humorous way)


I think they scaled down the flock quite a bit, because its been buggy as hell (almost as bad as the wakaatu)

Ur a flock

Gone. Reduced to atoms.

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I know

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Still… Who is TC Jesus!?

Pretty sure he is Mexican.

Now that you mention it. I really don’t see it in frenzy and it’s all I do lately.

Oh yeah… Flock is back in Frenzy… Wave 12 with a Flock and a Kestrel! Oh, Flock it!