Where is the Esports for PC players

There is nothing that has been said that I have heard about any support for PC players for esports.

There won’t be any. Nothing for G4 plus the lovely discussions that take place every single time cross play is mentioned.

Esports for PC only? Not enough population. And this is coming from a G4 PC player that downgraded to xbox tired of being unable to find versus games.

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We could try setting up an underground and start promoting the game a bit more for pc.

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I fully support everything that you say and do regarding this operation.

You should still be able to enjoy esports. It’s the same game. Can’t blame them for using a level playing field for competitive play.

The way gears was ment to be played. Coming from a pc player it was nice you used the word downgraded. At least one pc player is keeping it real.

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