Where is the definitive text on what gets flagged from the forms?

I notice that one of my post got flagged i havent attacked any one, i havent done anything but ask questions towards improving this game, i want to know exacyly whst i can and can not say on here cause if im asking questions im looking for answers,

Well thats not constructive at all, how does one expect to improve something if a person isnt allowed to ask simple questions

If it has been repeated multiple times and odds are it has been, people get tired of seeing it over and over again or they just don’t like the idea at all.

So the possible reason your posts are getting flagged is that there is already a possible discussion created of the thread you’re about to create. When writing up a new topic you will see on the right side of the text box you will see similar topics or posts related to what you’re about to post. So, instead of creating a new thread add to the discussion, or see if your question is answered.

Other reason… Don’t take it personal, the @forum-mods will evaluate if flag worthy and will unhide it if necessary.

Thanks, and will be closing this.

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