Where is the 5X xp?

Will it be later today or what? Any1 know?

in 10 minutes, according to Octus. https://twitter.com/OctusTC/status/1006218506474434562

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What if I’m already in a Horde match?
Would 5x XP trigger after or during the match?

Gonna lean towards negative since you would have already scored some XP in the mean time

That explains why we just done a full 50 on insane and got a absolute ■■■■ load of xp.
Almost went from 52 to 54 ( wings 2 ).

How long is it in for as I don’t normally play in the week. But this I to good to pass up.

For a week :grin::grin::grin:

Thanks Hoffman👍.

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I think it’s only until Friday

5X EXP starts - Monday, June 11th, 2018 and lasts 1 whole week.

I went to know if as Blitz is already 2x XP.

With 5x boost - is it now 10x XP ???

No problem :ok_hand:

Ranking up fast with the XP boost :muscle:

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Can someone tell me where will I see if I am getting the 5xp? I have played Horde in casual and normal, private and public and saw no sign of it. Progress seems normal and there is no indication of it when finishing hordes

Play a game of King of the Hill, usually you get about 15k XP on a good game, in a good game of KOTH now you get at least 60k XP