Where is Ranked Gridiron?

In ranked play I absolutely hate KOTH. Some people like it I get that. Then TDM gets ruined with 2 party max. Gridiron was not only fun and popular. But it was a game mode I could team up with friends and not play KOTH. Now that’s gone.

Who makes these decisions? Who in TC land thought these were great ideas? If I’m partying with friends we play other games now. If I happen to play alone I will play gears for a couple of mins. Not hours with my buddies.

How do ranked free for all, and ranked 2v2 replace Guardian, and Gridiron is beyond me. You force rank modes people dont want to play. How does that keep players around? You just alienate more players. It’s hard to see the direction this game is going in. Kinda limbo right now.


For both Gridiron and Escalation, there are options available in custom games to change certain aspects of the mode.

For Gridiron, you are able to change the touchdown timer, the flag spawn time (30, 60, 90, or 120 sec), and you can enable the option for the touchdown countdown to pause when the endzone is contested.

They mentioned they removed it from ranked because of population, but also said there were issues with the mode that need addressed, and the changes available in customs are meant to test these changes for feedback.

I’ll add, I oved gridiron. But the meta in ranked became, ‘grab the flag and run back to spawn’, and I did not enjoy that. I think the flag spawning either later in the round, or in OT, would improve things. This would bring it closer to an exe 2.0 which would work better imo. ( also the new tuning being slower, and more tactical play, compliments single life modes, so I’m eager to try gridiron out with these changes)


The tuning is not “Slower” any more. Escalation was taken out because 0 people played it. Private matches are as popular as Escalation, and is not ranked play.

And if the other team grabbed the flag and took it to their spawn that was ok. Your team can grab all the power weapons and take the other team out. There are so many options and a lot of rounds to make it happen. People played this game mode, and no problem finding matches.

If TC wants to change up a game mode then do so. Then upload changes when ready. Not completely take out of the game. Its funny TC managed to change TDM and KOTH with out taking it out of rank play. Just more excuses.

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I’m at your exact same position bro
All I played was escalation and gridiron, now I have nothing to play because I absolutely despise TDM and KOTH, just gonna play horde from time to time because I’m officially done with ranked, I would love a refund of this horrible game


Bring gridiron back


I was referring to the beta tuning that will likely be in the full game soon.

I’m guessing it will be back eventually. I know it has potential to be an esport mode after this upcoming major. That would help the population of the mode in ranked as well imo.

But I agree, I’d rather still have it in ranked rn, single life is my favorite mode for Gow.

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They can easily change Tdm back to squads too.

That’s the frustrating part

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The ranked system didnt help this game mode imo. GP it rewarded was way too low compared to other modes and it depended a lot on winning. I rarely got more than 500GP per match even after stomping the other team,

However I never made it out of bronze. Always had problems with matchmaking times. I tried to at least get gold on this playlist during the last two weeks of the operation but it usually took up to 10 minutes to find a match. Gave up eventually. Guess everyone was onyx or higher.

the ranking system is what is preventing guardian from coming back to ranked? i heard that they have problems figuring out the GP when someone is leader and when they aren’t.

we really have no options on what to play right now.

They havent said a word about guardian since it was removed from ranked. Besides the spawn swap timer.

Honestly if thats the excuse then its BS, guardian seems p straight forward to me… ranking could as well be identical to KOTH but change caps and breaks for survival and leader kill. Survival GP could be granted only to who was the leader or equally to the whole team for keeping the leader alive.

I think this mode would work better as infinite lives with progressively longer respawn timers as in most matches almost every round ends in eliminations instead of touchdowns. This isn’t deathmatch.

No. Not at all.

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Yes please bring it back to.both ranked and quickplay. Don’t understand why they put medals for modes we cant even play without going into coop vs ai

Gridiron was also the last breath of 5v5 games which I highly prefer in gears.

As for people saying “all people would do is grab the flag and run back to spawn”

Well… yeah. I feel that’s the idea that was implemented to push the game mode past this “camp fest” everyone claims it is.

Getting the flag was an inherent risk and fighting for it is the initial spark of action for gridiron. Getting the flag on your side meant the opposing team had to play aggressively or lose the point. While that may sound one sided: keep in mind that it is the team with more conviction or with more firepower that would win that initial duel. If your team hesitated to run to flag: you were giving the advantage of defense to the opposing team. But if you met them there: it would be up to each teams risks and triumphs who walks out with defenders advantage.

The flag was the center of pressure, subverted by the option to take the power weapons, weakening your teams fight on the flag, for a potential advantage in the later stages of the fight.

It has a lot of potential as a thinking man’s game. I don’t wish to offend, but our community really seems to dislike that aspect and prefers to have a game mode where they can run in and get as many kills as they can without much consequence to their deaths or failures. I’m sure there’s plenty strategy when it comes to KOTH, but I think there’s a deeper problem here when people start to complain about lancer usage and being denied those shotgun kills because they actually have to approach the situation with a bit more tact.

But that’s neither here nor there. Gridiron’s gone from ranked due to population. I’m not too thrilled about it but numbers talk.


To steal from @RedHulk1973

Bring back Gridiron!!


I do not own the phrase my friend it’s free-for-all to use!

Long Live Guardian & Gridiron!!

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