Where is my Nutcracker skin?

I just bought the Nutcracker skin and I can’t find it to equip…Are they dead serious? Can I not use this skin unless I buy the deebee skin too or earn it which will take me forever???

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Yeah will be Easter by the time you earn it so Best Buy it imo

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That is absolutely ridiculous, I buy a skin then have to buy another to use it. There is so much negativity on these forums but I have been pretty positive how this is a joke… I’m working on the free Krampus skin which is amazing but now I’m wondering if that is hidden behind one I will have to buy too


Yeah it’s a bad design by TC and people are right to feel peeved off.

I think you’re safe with the Krampus skin. Was apparently tied to the warden but they’ve changed it to a default character.

Its not even that hard to unlock the DeeBee, you just have to play different modes

I’ll just leave this here: COD Character Skins Unlocks Character: TC Take Notes

No one ever confirmed in that thread if unlocking the character skins in the Battle Pass actually unlocked the characters though…

Again, the Nutcracker skin is a PAID skin, not part of the tour of duty so the battle pass has no place in this conversation.

And why is it so hard to change my character! I keep getting put into free for all lobbies that have already started and I can not change my character? And from the main menu I am not seeing a way to do it either. What the hell am I missing here?


Hit X while searching for a Free For All, the select screen should pop up

TC really should just put a notification in the game explaining the difference between a character and a skin.

No, they should just be less greedy and show appreciation when someone decides something they made is worth buying by making it playable without making the player spend more money.


I hate to complain cause there is enough of that on here but buying a character for $5 then I can’t use it unless I spend another $5 is ridiculous or I can grind and not use a character I just bought for who knows how long… and the navigation in this game and changing characters is not good either.

I was referring to COD though? Where you have to purchase the premium battle pass to be able to unlock the character skins. Still a paid transaction, what I was saying is no one confirmed if paying for the battle pass in COD and earning the character skins actually unlocked the base characters (which require you to complete challenges to unlock them).

Same concept, slightly different set up.

Oh, ok, I understand now. I don’t have the answer for you on that one, but yeah, my thread was largely ignored. I wish more people would see that what TC is doing is not normal or beneficial to the player in any way and push back against it.

So help me understand, If I purchase a character do I still need to do challenges?

Nope. Just if you purchase a skin for a character you haven’t unlock yet

I agree. Unfortunately that is not the system they have in place.

Depends on what you mean by “character”.

Each character has a default base skin. For example the default Baird is his modern day old man bald one. If you want his Classic Baird look, you can earn it at anytime, but can’t equip it until you have the default Baird skin unlocked.

The same applies to say, the Nutcracker Shepherd which is an alternative skin for the DeeBee Shepherd character.

I was actually planning on purchasing (my first) skin in the store. But since I don’t have the Deebee character, I’m not going to buy this nutcracker skin…