Where is my Marcus Gilded?

Has anyone been able to find a fix on how to get gilded Marcus on gears 4. I have 104 achievement for the game and it says I’ve 100% completed the achievement but I still don’t have gilded Marcus to play in gears 4. I’ve tried using another console because both my dad and fiancee have got him but I still haven’t received him.

The fix is to be patient.

TC will be working on it as you are not the only with this issue.

Look out in the forums and especially on twitter for updates.

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Thanks for posting man. My post would’ve been a bit more ridiculing towards this.


I might just copy this response for the next 100 threads or so :sweat_smile:


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You can try the steps below or please be patient and wait for them to appear.

Few things to try:

Perform a hard reset of your console:
Xbox One Hard Reset

  1. Holding the power button down for 10 seconds while the system is on will perform a hard reset .
  2. The Xbox One Will Switch Off.
  3. Power on the Xbox One again. You’ll see a green start-up screen.

If you have a moderate or strict firewall this can cause issues with achievements popping. Run a network test on your console and if not open up the correct ports on your router, and restart the console to see if the achievements will pop.

Open ports on Xbox Live :

After all steps have been completed and still hasn’t appeared please reach out to TC on twitter at

They’re currently looking into the issue.

Thank you, and closing cause there’s multiple threads of similar topic.

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