Where is GOW 2 after buying Ultimate Edition?

I bought Ultimate Edition and played it during the time period required to get all the GOW games free. I didn’t get GOW 2 and Judgement. Anyone else have this problem?

Not sure if it was with UE or 4… but I had a similar problem with 1 & 3. Kept asking for the disc- so maybe if you previously had one of the games on disc and played it, that’s where the bug originated? Kinda curious myself

Gears 4 gives you them all

Buy the disc version of Gears 4.

You would get the digital codes for the following games:

  • Gears of war

  • Gears of war 2

  • Gears of war 3

  • Gears of war Judgement

Apart from these 4 games, you also receive one sheet of stickers.

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I have the disc for Gears 4. I’ll see if I can install Gears 2 from there. Frustrating because I had Gears 2 and don’t have the disc any longer. Thank you for the info.

it’s gears 4 ultimate edition. even then, it’s been years since then and i doubt you’ll get your code.

My friend and I both had the same problem and we were able to redeem the codes from GOW4 to install G2. Forgot about that…thanks again. Wonder why we never got it playing the Ultimate Edition?