Where is Gears up to?

G’day everyone.

It’s been ages since I last picked up a controller. I played a fair bit of GoW2 and 3 back in the day then parenthood hit me. Now that the kids are getting older and I have more time in my hands, I got myself a series X and downloaded Gears 5. Feels great to be wall bouncing around again with gnasher and I have a few questions for the regulars out there.

  • What game mode is everyone playing? I’ve been searching QM and getting regular matches but often with some bots.

  • My ping is always around 140. No dramas there as I get a ton of kills shooting earlier in the direction my opponent is moving. Is there a trick to lower the ping anyway? I’m on 25MBPS speed.

  • Anything else I need to know? I noticed you can only tag one grenade to the wall which is heaps better! Boltok instant reload is heaps different to GoW2 which was the best!

  • Lastly, my 4yo removed the paddles and thumbsticks from my Elite GoW controller. Where the bloody hell did he put them? Playing default instead of alternate until I find those buggers!

Cheers :beer: :wink:

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Versus > Competetive playlist

all ima say after that is Goodluck Buddy.

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Very encouraging

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So glad my 3 yo hasn’t done that yet… lol

i was wondering why i have you muted, and now i see why.

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Oh no! Loner Shaq, a community veteran, had me muted!!

What ever shall I do…

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Nowadays I just play Horde and Escape. I would suggest just playing in Competitive especially if you live in an active region. I think Control has a high player count.

To get lower ping change your settings in the matchmaking section to reflect that.