Where is Cole Train in MP?

I’ve used 1 character since 2006… Cole! He’s my favorite. Please add him right away.


It doesn’t work like that. I’m sure they’ll add him later at some point.

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They will probably add him, but do it like they did in G4 with some crappy skin at first. But he will come for sure.

Just hang in there.

I know. I get that characters from earlier games have to be rendered for Gears 5 but Cole’s character is already in the game so it seems weird they wouldn’t include him. He is the only character I play as. Love me some Cole Train - best character in the franchise for me. WOOOOOOOOO!


Yea and that speech from G2 when he was on the Locust Coms= priceless. :slight_smile:

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The Cole Train’s busy eating some whole grain baby! Whoooooa!


I heard the Coalition just seen this thread and dropped everything to get Cole into the game… YOU DID IT!:hugs:

Coming soon™

Base character (earnable) = grandad Cole
Classic Cole skin = 3k iron


Ive been asking the same question buddy, where’s marcus, dom, baird, cole, carmines, minh, hoffman? who knows. probably don’t like Gears 5 and didn’t want to be associated with it so they didn’t make an appearance here :smiley:

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“We’re learning as we go.”


Cole went back to Gears 4. :rofl:

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Locked behind the curtain
So The Coalition can make this game life longer.

You can bet on it

Big facts. Cole Train is my go to

Zero whole grain in this game baby…wooo

Coming when the thirst is unquenchable, and everyone is willing to pay his inflated price

“DELTAS IN YOUR HOUSE ■■■■■!” :stuck_out_tongue:

They’ll probably add him eventually and charge us $5 -.-

I kind of want to know what happened to Ice Tea’s character after Gears 3.

Yea man. Good question.

Why do you defend tc so bad? It could work like that and he should be a playable character from the beginning. Not terminator and halo characters.