Where is Atrium and Turbine?

These were horde frenzy maps in the first 2 weeks of Op7 ?

Yeah we know we got Command but where are the other 2 ?

Its been a month and were still waiting ?

I can BET were going to be given those 2 maps to end all operations for Gears 5 for Operation 8, what are the maps going to be for Op8 ? Atrium and Turbine. I would not be surprised ??

Yeah there was an issue with them over a month ago but why has there been nothing said since??

If we do have to wait until Op8 which i can only bet we will we better get a TON of other maps as well as all weve been getting lately is 1 :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

And as much as I wish this was a meme-answer, it isn’t. That’s the reason.


You Predict the Future :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s the same case with Hivebuster Anya : wait, wait, and waiting again…


One had the “bug” with spawn trap and the other required you to have the campaign installed otherwise you’ll be kicked out of the game (relic weapons seem to be the reason).

They said on twitter that they won’t be coming with Drop 2.


I was thinking it might be to do with that. But really it isnt future content because we already know the maps are coming.

@Imstifu tbf i think i may have as we dont get those maps before Op8 we either wont get them at all but given them as the Op8 maps.

@Furyan76 have we got black steel anya yet ?

@Belkain what i dont get with that who doesn’t have the campaign installed for 1 and the bug on turbine what its taken a month to fix ?:joy:

I bet they will just remove the relics to solve.

Tuesday or in 2 weeks + 2 days. Unless they give her the HB Anya - treatment and keep her buried in her grave.


Haha, my IMG name is still saved there, in the meme which you posted.

Soon many users will save this meme, and repost it again and again.

They will become aware of TC’s agenda.

TC can’t hide it anymore, they have to come upfront and admit it.

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Well, I don’t have the campaign installed because I will never play it again. No point keeping it on if I will never play it. Might as well get rid of it so I can save some space on my Series X.

And spawn logic is very hard to change post-launch. Prime example, Blood Drive in Gears 4 had its spawns in Horde broken after they fixed its speedrun.

I’m still waiting on whatever this was. They can’t do a “oh it’s just a placeholder/mistake” like they do with Elite Drone, because they posted one of these for Bunker and Vasgar as well.

That campaign is full of holes for all the space it takes up. The more you look, the more you see how much it doesn’t make sense.

They didn’t need to remove the Relic Dropshot from the Ice Queen map in Escape, they bloody well shouldn’t need to remove the other Relic weapons from Atrium.

What really upsets me about this is the fact that Coalition welched on their stated intent to open the maps for custom games after the matchmaking event ended. I get that sometimes you have no choice but to go back on your word because of circumstances beyond your control, but this was not one of those times. Next time you want to debut new maps or other content in a limited-time matchmaking event, either don’t state an intent to open that content for custom games at the end of the event so you can give yourself glitch-fixing time if need be, or open the content when you say you will and then deal with any glitches after the fact.

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99% chance this was purely created for promotional purposes or what have you that goes in that direction, as this first appeared around the Horde reveal stuff pre-release. It kind of looks like they just used the old Ephyra city set piece as a background with no further meaning to it to create a fancy picture. One that, while unrelated, I cannot associate anything positive to due to it being an annoying reminder of the “hero”(still a stupid term) system nonsense that TC pulled as if Judgement didn’t exist.

Anyway, yes, I find it stupid we don’t have these maps available in custom lobbies yet.

To add as well im not a big fan of Command either :roll_eyes: its “okay”

TC is masterful at fixing bugs so I’m sure we won’t be waiting long.

Only when they benefit the playerbase. Which makes me wonder why they haven’t fixed Strikers Mace bleed with nades when Clay, Lizzie and Paduk got the Hammer? @TC_Shauny if you’re not too scared to reply to me anymore - any comment?

I’ve replied to you directly more than anyone else on this forum :smiley:

As for the Striker issue consider it raised!

In regards to Atrium and Turbine I totally get the frustration but we want to fix it as soon as we can to give you them in customs. Hopefully it’ll be done for the next TU.


Question: Will the 25 wave horde variant become available in custom at some point?

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Sure, but whenever I bring up Ghostmelee it’s swiftly ignored as if that would make the issue go away. In theory it shouldn’t even be a hard fix; reverse whatever changes where made back in OP1/2 when Melee was nerfed into the Ground for PvP for PvE only and Melee should improve already.

Also; what happened to perking before Wave 1 begins?

To make it easier for me/us, summarise what you’d like the change to be and then I can take it from there.

OP1/2 I wasn’t here then so can’t recall the specific changes there.


I can ask!