Where in the world is Alex Brand?

I may not play Gears Tactics at launch, but do you think that Alex Brand would make a cameo in it? Or, would they just recycle the voice lines from Judgment with a new model?

I don’t know this for fact but i was under the impression that gears tactics takes place before everyone even knew who myrahh was or just how big the locust army was. If that is the case then I’m pretty sure alex wouldn’t be able to be in the game continuity wise.

Her story starts late in the locust war in the birthing program so unless tactics has a big time span or wants to re write her character she cant be in it.

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OK. So, she could be in Gears 5, if the Coalition wanted. I just wanted to ask.

She went to Neverland…

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great that you have a laugh there, it was the intention :slight_smile: @theHUNTaKILLa

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You don’t disappoint.

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I just want Tai


People *** about Kait being sjw addition but like Alex. Why? Seriously, why? Dye job, check. Butch lesbian man hating attitude check, check and check, check. Baird hater, check. Wants everyone to hate the evil ‘fascist’ [CoG], check. Angst about things happening( that I won’t mention because despite being on a forum for a Mature rated franchise I can’t talk about it) that only exists in this franchise because Cliff was a bitter edgelord ‘in that time of his life’…

Not saying it isn’t bad what happened to her and people IRL go through this significant kind of crime, but making a scene about it constantly and using it as an excuse to treat others the way she does despite them having absolutely NOTHING to do with it? Yeah this ain’t it, chill out, stop treating complete strangers like ** for someone else’s behavior. You can’t apply a blanket statement to everyone because of what isolated groups of individuals did. Something similar happened to Bernie, she doesn’t go around treating other people like trash. She doesn’t blame people like Dizzy for what other Stranded did to her.

You get psychotic people in war. Sick ** that don’t have a conscience. But to project this hatred on everyone? On this scale? No.

Seriously where are all the therapists in this franchise…and I know thatPrescott had ‘experts in their field’ all moved to Azura, it’s stated in the slab that there are psychologists there and a character is advised to seek one out for their issues , but come on. You’re telling me Prescott couldn’t keep a few mental health experts safe in Jacinto?

This chick is a walking stereotype worse than Cole.

She was alive on Vectes shortly before Gears 3 started. Present day in Coalition’s End novel which takes place about 18mos. before the game starts. So she has a strong chance of being alive. Dom was around 40 in this book, and he’s a bit younger than Marcus… Kait’s in her twenties in Gears 4…at least maybe 24 and that’s lowballing. Her dad survived Jacinto’s sinking and 4 takes place 25 years after 3…I’d guesstimate Alex would be around 40 to 45, and we didn’t see a lot of characters from the expanded universe in the games. Why they picked Alex of all people I’ll never know. Sam at least makes sense.

O ok, i have not read the books for years, if thats the case then great i would love to see her in a game, how do you know that stuff about kaits dad?

Just from her line in 4 about her dad salvaging books from Jacinto. We know he is dead now at least and that he wrote or contributed to a maintenance manual for something (think King Raven helos but I’m not sure). I don’t think Kait is older than early twenties. Her dad’s going to be in Gears Tactics and he obviously survived the events in this game considering he’s alive long enough to father Kait.

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I wonder if characters like salton, draper or rossi will show up. An in game appearance is long overdue.

I wouldn’t exactly say stereotype. And you can’t act like people with biased hate don’t exists, I know a few people who act just like this… “They’ve got dyed hair and a butch lesbian body so therefore they’re bad,” that’s literally what you’ve done.

I can expect there’s probably Jews who came out of the Holocaust and never wanted to see another man with blonde hair. Or rape victims who are disgusted at the sight of men, it’s not totally uncommon.

Plus–isnt Alex naturally red-headed?

In my opinion, she’s one of the strongest characters from the comics and expanded universe.

No it’s specifically stated to be dyed in the novels.
… I’m probably misusing the word stereotype. Would cliche be more fitting here?

I just mean like if you take Cole being this muscular black athlete guy you wouldn’t look at it as all black guys have that build and personality, you pretty much see it as another action franchise has another big black dude athlete.