Where have the 2x Character XP events gone?

We haven’t had one in a while. Would be nice to see one again. I’m kind of surprised they do not occur that regularly.
Anyone else?

I only know of one that happened back at the end of Op2. Didn’t know they had done any before then.

There have been a few in OP1 and 2, but since then pretty much nothing.


This has been the case for PvE in general until very recently.

I watched the last developer stream and Dana said his typical line of “we don’t discuss future content.” So good news is that it’ll happen, bad news is who knows when.

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Have there been only 2 horde events? I only remeber the one on asylum and the other on icebound where it was nothing but juvies.

I’m not fussed about character XP broadly speaking. It doesn’t give you more skill cards. I mean, It’s not much use being level 18 and having unlocked all the cards but they’re all level 2-3. You’d have to play twice as many games to get those cards anyway.

Now, if TC decided to increase the number of cards dropped by 50% or something as a special event then that would be great.

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Mad Man’s Monsters
Jingle Juvies

Pretty sure Op 3 launched with free boost and I think we got something for Easter? I was expecting a boost week for the launch this time but nope. And on top of that, Dana saying on stream that they don’t discuss future content when asked about it was just so annoying. Op 4 changes are great but communication-wise, still work to be done.