Where Have Bernie And Dizzy disappeared to? (Gears Of War Lore)

Please answer my question , these two were one of my favourite characters and I really want to know what happened to them

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Well, both of them were old in gears 3. So if they still alived should probably like Hoffman

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A Return In Gears 6 hopefully in a way

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Mataki either lives with Hoffman or moved back to the islands.

Dizzy is chucking increasingly large pieces of metal at them grubs.

I thought it was confirmed that Bernie had died at some point, we’re just unsure of when like with Anya pre-Gears 5.

Dizzy idk but I hope he’s on a farm somewhere, A Quiet Place style.

There was a collectible in Gears 4s prologue at Anvil Gate - Bernie’s last will and testament(or however you spell that) - but it seemed more like a “I want all my things to go to Hoffman if I die while this whole Lambent mess is ongoing, even if we’re probably all screwed anyway” type of thing rather than a solid hint that she actually died of old age between Gears 3 and 4. Honestly, the only fitting way I could see her and Hoffman going down without dying to old age is sitting on the front porch with weapons waiting for the Swarm/Locust to come knocking. But there was no solid hints to her whereabouts in any of Gears 4s main Campaign, and 5. Haven’t read Bloodlines but maybe that might give further insights, assuming that is covered, or if Hoffman is even present in the book to begin with.

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They’re hiding in their graves

Dizzy is lighting up betty’s… :slight_smile:

They’re probably alive but just weren’t important to the story

Just how Jace was mentioned but never seen and Sam wasn’t seen visually

Spoiler alert. The spoiler blur option is not working for some reason.


Hoffman IS in Bloodlines. No mention of Bernie at all, though. Sorry.

Text below hidden cause it contains Bloodlines spoilers and idk if we’re still supposed to hide ‘em by now. Just seems appropriate given that this isn’t a discussion topic specific to it. Read at your own peril if you haven’t read the book yet.


I just read the book, no mentions of Bernie whatsoever. Hoffman just mentions some things about Gabe and that he’s been wanting to talk to Kait, gives Kait a secret file about the incidents on the Knifespire island near Vectes(the Gatka Ridge battle also mentioned in Tactics), mentions Prescott and that Kait will undoubtedly find secrets of his in the future as well as mentioning Ukkon’s name and that she’ll likely find out about him at some point too. If that isn’t hints for stuff to come then I don’t know…

It’s total proof that Dizzy is going to be the next Swarm General. Duh duh duh.


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

The dead speak! The COG has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late derrick mechanic DIZZY WALLIN.


Dizzy could have a cool ultimate in hoard and they can do some pretty inspired stuff with his cards if they choose to.

He just shouts “ZA WARUDO” and Betty zooms in like

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