Where does Gears 5 go from here?

As most of us know TC is implementing the beta tuning today.
Me along with others are uninstalling the game as a message that we are against this change in hopes that they revert the change. Yes I played the beta

Maybe it’s just me… but the way TC has gone about these changes feels off. I have a feeling this may have been the last big multi-player/versus change we are getting. More or less “take it or leave it” mentality. Its clear this is the direction they want to go. TCs current version/vision of the game clearly does not translate well with many of its supporters.

Regardless… i think now the focus will be on PvE and maps since we know that they have a ton of characters in the vault after some leaks. Do you guys like the direction things are going for the new year? Curious to hear opinions.


My primary argument hasn’t been the specifics of the tuning, it has been more so TC’s lack of acknowledging that so many people do not like it. Then there’s people claiming that the majority actually do prefer the beta tuning. Not sure where they are getting that from. From everything I’ve seen and been told, all platforms show that the tuning is controversia.

Must be like what you are saying, it is about setting up the future.

At this point, I just hope we get some minor changes to the beta tuning. Not revert or scrap it, just make some tweaks. In the meantime, I will not be playing the game either.

I definitely will miss the previous tuning, it felt so good on the series x.


I’m on the fence, the series X is a good change from the One then?

For gameplay, controller input, etc?

the game feels so much better, on the now older tuning that is.

still feels good for the beta tuning but not as satisfying imo


Sweet, thanks!

oh definitely, the input delay was horrendous before


Nice, thanks!

Now if only i could find a series x

Well… Thanks to the new tuning, at least Gears 5 will have got a SLOW death!


I’m a PvE guy so the I don’t care about the tuning. Even if I played Only PvP, I would just adapt to the new tuning

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Why should we have to constantly adapt? That is quite simply how you lose a fan-base and that’s what The Coalition have done to perfection. The sad thing is praise was flying in about how smooth gears felt on next gen consoles and top end PCs.

I love gears of war and will always (hopefully) want to play it but thousands are a lot more rash, move on and completely forget about GOW.


TC won’t listen to us. So the best thing to do is just to adapt

Problem is with gears the fan base isn’t on for example CODs level so you really can’t just ignore folk. TC piss this community off they’ll go and they’ll feel the hit whether they fancy admitting it or not.

Whenever I play online I rarely see low ranks, it’s pretty clear just the core couple of thousand players are online on a daily and this game isn’t being entertained by casuals.

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I’m just going with evidence. The new tuning has been in beta since OP 5 and People haven’t liked it. And yet TC still releases it. That goes to show that they won’t listen to us.


You’ve changed your tune from the thread you made the other night,

“ Thanks for The fun Years.

P.S Gears of war will,always have a place in my heart”

Just shows you people always either adapt or you just don’t play at all.

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I am actually done with Gears, but it’s funny seeing people going crazy over tuning


Not wrong there.

That’s what a lot of players do but then you have another batch of people that will just complain regardless :roll_eyes:

Isn’t that what people want? A consistent tuning with minimal changes from now on? You’ve uninstalled, but let’s be honest there is no other game like gears out there and you will get used to the new tuning. I literally can’t even tell the speed anymore.

I’m okay with it to be honest. They can spend time and 2021 preparing for end game. Not sure if 6 is coming 2022 or 2023. It’s close but not there. They have to set up weekly random rotating events for freshness and more thing to escape IMO before the game is ready.

I mean most of 2020 was spent undoing what was already done. So obviously those are and would be big changes in 2020 and not so much in 2021.

I would personally would like to see focus coming to fun and original weekly events, new maps, new challenges (diamond gear cog for reaching diamond for example), new escape hives or events, random mutators to escape, and more enemy variants in horde (we still need enemies with scorcher and retro),

I think having a daily quick play TDM with 3 mutators on that change daily would be super fun and awesome to play when you just want to chill and not have a sweaty match. Imagine things like more health, double headshot damage, and headshots explode. And the next day is everyone gets the guardian ability, active reload causes automatic reload st end of clip, and long walll bounce. Just examples. Idk it would be fun

they can’t keep the same level of post-launch support going for three years so I’m not sure why people would expect anything other than maps and skins.

just a damn shame they spent a year course correcting and fixing stuff. we probably lost out on features due to this. Versus Map Builder would have been a thing and we probably would have seen a few more modes (wingman) maybe more bosses and weapons(Booshka)