Where’d CTF go!? For 1v1 Mercy!?

You removed one of the better game modes out of the game for 1v1 mercy. You serious? This game is always disappointing me!

Welp I’m off gears5 for now. Put it back in ASAP please. Was just telling my friend how good CTF was!


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I mean I think everyone knows that events tend to come and go…shouldn’t be surprised tbh

nothing about this is good/ fun

The matchmaking is why the game mode was bad?

Your opinion sucks lol…just joking

No in all honesty, most fun I’ve had in awhile in gears…and boom removed. Not surprised just always disappointed.

1 flag, 1 second respawn protection, can see who’s carrying the flag, through objects, can spawn trap, 4 points for scoring

imo the only good thing were the pink phantom skins, matches were done in less than 5 minutes so that was a plus

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it was an event. events rotate

the next step is asking for TC to put it into Quickplay OBJ Mashup or straight to Comp

Gears has to be one of the games that barely has any variety in their versus multiplayer modes

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It was an event, events rotate out, maybe it’ll come back sometimes.
Maybe it’s also a try for a new mode in Gears 6 ? Who knows.

Gridiron is obviously better, and guardian :wink:


I can work with this

This is why we cant have nice things

Gridiron is good

I will not elaborate further.


+1 :slight_smile:

It was a special event…