Where can I catch up on Gears over the last 6 months?

Took a break from Gears for awhile and want to find out what’s been going on since then. Does anyone have a link to Gears news in one place? Thanks.

What exactly are you wanting to know?.. honestly the Forums or the Official Gears of War Twitter account would be the best place to get some info. You can also head over to the Community tab (at the top)and see what the monthly community updates have been previously.

Unless you’re looking for something specific…


I was hoping to avoid sifting through all the tweets and old forum posts. Forgot about the community tab so I’ll have a look through that. Thanks.

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What do you want to know?

Like about skins?



Gooogle is your Friend.

Ok let me see if I can help Optic didn’t win a gears e-sports tourney ,three new gears games have been announced gears pop, gears tactics, gears 5 ,community nights is back ,the GFC is back ,the coalition has a new studio ,there is a 5x exp event till tomorrow ,Griffin was released for use in MP, there are challenges for the studio skin ,there is a amazing pod cast called embry square that is done by the community ,we have 2 new community managers who work with Octus ,TC Vectes and Dana Sessions, both awesome guys ,we got these brand new forums …there I think I covered everything


this website actually used to be a good place to catch up but ever since the e3 announcement they seemed to remove the view all articles button on the home page for whatever reason. kind of stupid of them to remove it if you ask me.