Where are these weapon skins coming from

I have noticed a bunch of cool weapon skins lately and I have no clue where they are coming from. I know not in game store bc the ones I’ve been seeing were never for purchase in the store. I also know you can’t craft them , so I am just wondering? Maybe a promotional thing or what? Anybody know? Thanks!

A pic would be nice. Hard to tell which ones you’re referring to by this post alone.

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Do you happen to have a picture? Or can you describe what they look like?

Rockstar chips ahoy. I think chip ahoy has a good one after certain amount of purchases , this is all second hand info. I went out of my way buying Rockstar to get Gears 4 content, wasn’t worth it only decent one was the acid omen. Crappy xp cards. I learned my lesson.

Well no I don’t have a picture . Ones was red neon like , another one was blue neon like. If I see them in-game I’ll try to take a screenshot. I was just wondering if y’all have seen some yourself. Sorry for bad discriptions , kinda hard to describe

Sounds like Team Metal or Team Rock. Both are in the TOD.
Rockstar gave away 6 Lancers. Seagate gave one, and I think a replica lancer came with one.

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Nah they are not that. I’ll take a screenshot next time I see them! They could be one of the 7 Lancers I didn’t know about that . I’ll let y’all know

Post your screenshot.


Delivery Driver Breaker Mace is pretty great.

Is it color blast?



Those are the Team Metal skins you earn from Tour of Duty.

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Oh so you earn more then one variant of weapon skin for tod. I thought it was just one skins. Bc that’s not what picture it shows up n tod for the weapon skins u win

The tour pic is deceptive. That’s what they look like.

Team metal bruh.

Any weapon skin you earn in ToD rewards you the entire set for all weapons.

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Yeah I know that’s just not the picture they show on the TOD in game . It’s looks completely different rt. It shows it blue and red not all blue. But also I seen a neon red one . Where would that come from?

They change color for COG or swarm.


And the red you’re seeing is probably the reflection from the red sand on the map. (Oops, replied to the wrong guy, meant it for @SaintGilliam.)

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