Where are the promised buffs/nerfs?

So we got a bunch of garbage no one asked for but the announced changes are nowhere to be found.

Ambush is still 140%, Short Range still only affects ballistic damage, same for Marcus etc pp

This post is like the kid who tells the teacher they forgot to collect the homework


Oh excuse me for looking forward to playing Lahni again.

So play Lahni. She was good to play with before the buffs

Sure thing, buddy.

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The cards may not reflect the truth any more kind of like when Mac had a card that read 70% but the next upgrade was 45%

Hi Michael,
Was just wondering if you are aware that Lahni short range deflection was not updated to include melee damage?
Than you

Did you just skip my OP? They didn’t change ANY of the announced cards.

I read your original post. I was just following up with someone from TC because the issue with Lahni started at the beginning of OP4. She was not supposed to be buff and the fix was supposed to come today.

Paduk’s fear medal is working correctly so so far, great update! No stulid nerfs, keep rhe fun going…


  • Replaced Ultimate Cooldown perk with Precision Rifle Damage perk.

Didn’t see the replacement. Is this a known issue?

It looks like none of the PvE changes came through in the update… except the pointless replacement of individualized skill card pics with boring generic ones, which whether intentional or by mistake, was not mentioned.

So the question is, did TC just screw up (dont say “again”, dont say " again"… Ohh, i give up… AGAIN), or are they re-evaluating things…

They have such a problem with coding that it’s hard to tell whether it’s a bug, exploit, or working as intended.

Seems a legit comment and not a derail.

Hey dude,

So in the first hour of the update, Baird and the two engineers had their personal perks in the game. However their was a scripting bug for the damage perk for forts.

It was literally just the base code under the image. It was weird and I wish I got a screen shot to show here.

However I played again hours later and the updates where removed. So my guess, classic TC.

They released this update before they check it and then disabled all the updates. As they where there and I hate not getting that pic.

Oh well, cheers!

Definitely nothing is showing up as intended, except the card picture changes.