Where are the new maps in quickplay?

Goodmorning everyone,

Is it possible that in quickplay there are not yet all the new maps (Pahanu, Reactor for example) released so far? But what new maps are only available in ranked? I believe that we all want to play the new maps also in quickplay matches.

Tell me yours

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You have to look deep down inside yourself and you will find the maps

Na just playing they are there but it seems quickplay has a specific way of map rotation and if the game type is changed the rotation changes as well (I could be wrong but this is my theory)

On TDM QM, 95% of the time I get the same 4 maps: bunker, allfathers, icebound, and district. I don’t know if it’s a “me thing’ but it’s beyond statistically significant at this point.

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Hardcore Versus A.I. - And we could vote for the new new/old new maps.

Been playing Guardian all day today, zero new maps played. To be honest, I think I only played three (3) maps total, out of maybe 20 matches :confused:

Reclaimed… Training Grounds… & Bunker

Weird… Maybe TC truly hates both Guardian and TDM!? :thinking: