Where are the good horde players?

I’ve been playing horde a long time. Wings 6, not a speedrunner. I excel at all classes. Mainly the heavy(Beast). If possible I prefer games without sentries, or kept in back. I have a handful of good players, some I’ve taught. But going to public, you can hardly ever find good players. And when you do, there offline wtf? Why the need to stay offline and then they be creating looking for group to play with just to control everything they do. Also, why are many horde players afraid of good ole competition?

I guess they want the ability to boot someone off if they arent playing properly, something they cant do on public. Plus last time i checked lfg posts are mostly speedrunning.

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Sentyless turretless games will NEVER work in Public. Public players will not be able to hold their own.

I play incon horde with decoys and lockers, but only with my regular team mates… I see LFG posts for those types of games now, so look there… Public will not work…

I agree mostly but have had a few occur. Harbor was one. And maybe fallout and foundation. Decoys lockers and fences only. Was blisssss

I run max hp decoys + 100% overclocked lockers. Works fine in insane, specially on Mania.

Gotta try on incon.

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Have to disagree there but at the same time I do see your point. A lot of players have become lazy with this sentry defense and never really use their class to its fullest potential and assume the sentry will pick up the slack while I go for the beat the sentry defense. While it does in some way add to my game (trying to beat that sentry) I just don’t like any engi who places a sentry at the point I have defended so well.

Played a brilliant public game earlier on Relic inconceivavble as engineer with only decoys and fences and it went so much better than I could have hoped. I built 4 sentries in the back of spawn for the just incase scenerio and the chance of Guardians getting in the back and they were only handy once and for the rest they were just statues. It is hard to find a game without but it is not impossible to find one or to find players that can hold their own.

In response to OP: You will more than likely be going through a lot of bad players before you meet good players. If you really want to get a game as fast as possible then I recommend going over th LFG and while I do really well in public it may not be the same for you.

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All the good horde players I know play private. Pub horde is a punishment I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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And, BTW, some people appear offline because they get too many requests to play. If you want to play with them just send a message asking if they are on an want to play.

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Not playing because Xbox live core services is down for some of us at least.

Savage Horde. quiters on quiters…we finished it (50 waves in veteran) with 2 men, TG Cyrus, a random scout and me Heavy. If they’re not quitters players, it’s troll players… I understand why nobody finishes their horde. No respect for the mode, the team and their job :drooling_face:

There are good players on public as well.


I confirm. Perfect One, 10 min ago

hey we played together

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That’s true.

It’s weird, no? You hold your ground flawlessly and BOOM! There comes a new sentry outta nowhere, even blinding your vision with its fire.

Let’s not bring up those who play on difficulties they can’t handle…

This man can confirm, we used 2 sentries, 4 barriers, 2 lures…The quitters bought 20 racks and 1 war machine.

Thank you!

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I can, it was feral horde on hardcore, it is easy. The Scout with proper cards is unstoppable even on insane. Since I was forced to play only horde for several months, it really grows on me, I still prefer versus and my buddies are 90% of time versus only, but I really like some friendly horde match, so if anyone wants to play, add me on XBL, I don’t require skilled players, just be cool and know the basics.

Most LFG are for speedruns. It’s just so sad people are still doing that.

Ugh its just annoys the hell out of me. Players like that give public a bad name in my opinion. If its easy you want go back to casual or if its credits and XP at a fast pace then head over to the speedruns and let the rest of us get on with the game. There are good players on public shame it takes a few bad ones to get to the good.

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Public horde is super hit or miss. Tends to be why I stick to easier difficulties so even if my entire team leaves I can at least complete the set of 10 I’m on more often than not.

Not sure why people matchmake for anything in this game, horde or otherwise, with the intention of quitting… Really bizarre.

Anyone knows how long will be there this feral crap?