Where are the gears clans?

I feel like eSports really took over the gears community, everybody wants to play competitively and that’s fantastic and all don’t get me wrong but I will say though, I don’t like what the looking for group tabs are doing. There is nothing better than having a 5 man squad that knows how to play with eachother very well rather than someone getting booted for having one bad game. If anyone wants to start an old-fashioned clan or even point me in the right direction that would be fantastic, you can message me on here but I would respond alot quicker on my xbox my GT is One GB of RAAM. thanks :slight_smile:


Like you said esports practically took over that…clans really only exist in COD if they even exist at all anymore

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Rather than a clan, it’s much better to build a friends list with people of similar skill and mic.

That way you are all on the same wavelength, can speak and have fun.

Best way to buddy up :+1:


My clan is inactive too because every member is playing newer games, they all left GoW. I am the only clan member left who is playing Gears on the daily.

From which region are you from? If you are from europe we might play together. I am usually always in a 5 stack.( I play with at least 3 people cause solo playing is BS)

EDIT: I mostly play King of the hill

Question. What is a clan?

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There’s a bunch, but here’s why they aren’t going under clan names ;
-if you create a new acct, you can’t use your skins you earned or bought.
-If you change your current tag, MS charges you $10.
-Many of us just don’t want to use clan names. I’ve spent 99% of my time in Gears 4 in a full squad without ever using a clan name.

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Look up avenge gow for real gears of war clips not esports _

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Ive been running the Gear Heads clan for the past year. We love gears but have also formed into an awesome community full of mates. Recently the gears activity has reduced due to members lives etc BUT we aim to dominate the gears scene for gears 5. If you want a laugh, make new mates and like gears let me know man!

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If your interested in joining an EU clan man im open to doing a tryout for you?

No thanks I am not looking for a new clan.


III BlackUltra III


okay man no worries

Hehehe yea right.

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Not even post related.

Just saw your name.

Still looking for players for gears 5 gt onyx gnash

Tacticalgaming.net my gt is B1GDADDYCOLTON hmu

Where are the gears clans?

Dead like the franchise