Where are the GAME STATS?

Ive just noticed the stats page is dead!!!

I cant believe it, is this right?
have all our stats from the site gone?
If so Why???
It is a great feature, and could have given so much more data,
like how many kills in each game, how many steals… that would be great to know
as this would be easy to detect, where a kill is comrpised of 95% of damage by one player, but another player gives it the final blow and STEALS the kill.
We should start our own site for this
ask microsoft for the data

Yeah, good luck with that. “Hey Microsoft, could you give us access to this data that not everyone should have access to? Pretty pwease?”

That link though: GONE

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TC didnt even bother to include the war journal in this game. Honestly it seems like they just can’t be ■■■■■ lol

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why not? aren’t they just ingame stats?