Where are the bots gone in horde?

Since operation 3 began, it seems that although mine (and others settings) are set to “fill with bots”, none actually appear. What is going on ? Solo past 30 was hard enough before operation 3, but with no bots - some of us have no friends - one simple down and it is all over. Totally ridiculous. Will this get fixed ?

Xbox has this feature called “Looking for Group,” you don’t need friends. Just a post.

It’s like craigslist.

Did you lock the slots?


Ah yes, is that the answer ?

Yes. The slots need to be unlocked for bots to spawn in your game.

If you don’t want people to join, you can set the match to “not visible in lobby browser.”

Yes he’s right. I did the same thing the other day. Only now I’m remembering that I’d locked the slots :sweat_smile: