Where are my Masters weapon skins?

So I hit Masters in 2v2s and KOTH over 10 times, and I never got my Masters weapons skins. When actually, I should be getting them anyways because I hit the rank so many times. Can someone explain this because I am highly frustrated with how this works and I need to get them for grinding my Masters rank in KOTH for half of Operation 5.

Did you check the versus ranked tab it took me a few minutes until it popped up …

also did you end the season off as a master rank?

I received them once I choose Ranked in versus.

I did not but I was D3 at the end of the season close to Masters. I got them eventually I refreshed the game after. So I’m all good and I got everything I needed.

I still haven’t received my Master skin set for operation 5 and I ended the season as Master in team deathmatch. Such a HUGE disappointment after the grind of accomplishing this task solo entering matches with rando’s that can help make or usually break it for wins.