Where are all the good characters? Why are we getting rubbish packs?

The release of the last pack was soo bad they actually take the piss really. Helmetless UIR really. Where are all the cool gow 3 characters like onyx gaurd, gold hunter or miner, chairman Prescott and just cooling characters. Also need more animated weapon skins they are soo cool instead you get pine or wood lancer wtf and they expect you pay for packs.

Well, everyone has different opinions on what they find to be cool skins.
The last pack was actually Outer Wilds Kait, and that was a cool skin IMO.
Some might like UIR characters, and would find 'em cool.

I don’t know, but I would imagine it’s because she’s gonna be the main protagonist and face of Gears 5 game, when it comes next year.
The Outer Wilds skin isn’t a re-colour, she’s wearing different things.
Playing Horde or Versus would get you Credits, there’s been 5x XP and will be for this weekend too.

This Kait has no combat armor, so it’s not a re-color like for example the “ugly Christmas” one. I think it’s rather cool , nice details.

Because just as it was with the “new maps,” It’s because of the lack of creativity.

Easier to create characters and release packs when voice acting and dialogue is already in the game