Where are all the chacters?

the multiplayer character diversity is just lacking. why are the new carmine characters not in the game? or cole or baird or anyone of that matter. half the swarm isnt in either. whats the deal with that? gonna make us pay for those to?

Characters will be free with the first new characters in October.

Free or earnable through grind for basic no skin characters?

Ya’ just gotta pull the ol’ Credit card out and they’ll show up, my friend.


Free yes but have to unlock through non-time limited methods.

Add later as “free” dlc so they look good for having “free” dlc characters even though they should be base roster


Anyone have any idea when these new used characters will be added in the first round?

Yes, they will be just more to grind for.

Next month.

Yea I had seen above next month,was kinda shooting for a date so I know if its soon or another month away . :grin:

All they said was October.

Nah you can buy them to unlock them straight away no grind needed, see aren’t they so generous offering a paid option? XD

Pay or play.