When your grenade dont work like it used to before

Can we get a fix on the gernades please and a little consistency. Too many times theres no sound, they blow up at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd beep or they just don’t work


I played a match where a grenade somehow exploded 3 times


Every time something like this happens I sing the title in a Ed Sheeran voice :smile::smile::smile::smile:

Nades are just broken right now. And I think it’s the fact that the game is terribly laggy for some of us. Every time I play there’s at least one instance of at least one person either eating a nade that landed next to him, or one that will not go when I throw it.

I always had a problem with the sound consistency of the grenades in this game. The eating of the grenades is kinda newer though

I rarely get a sound issue. Once in a while there will be no nade sound but I’m usually pretty aware of who has nades and when they’re throwing them.

The hit detection thing really bothers me. You know a game is booty when grenades at a person’s feet fail to kill them.

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This seems to happen all the time. I thought the player dropped 2 nades lol

If there is only 2 grenades at one time idk how there would have been 3 explosions

Maybe the second nade drop somehow counts as two explosions? Though does the multiple explosions always land a kill? Because I think it doesnt well not all the time

Lol we all seen that before just sucks it’s getting so common

Frags are STILL doing that? This was an issue in the beta.

AND an issue in the Gears 3 beta, come to think of it…