When you are too close to a Raptor when it dies

You get stuck in the place and you can’t do anything but wait… and wait… and wait, or you get down by enemy fire.

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You have to get away from the Snatcher and Carrier as soon as it dies or youre gonna get locked in the stun animation

There’s a bug that you currently “can” get stuck indefinitely. I know the animation was already pretty long but now it’s actually infinite (seen a video of it).


Yeah I’ve been stuck before and wasn’t able to move after and the game ended bc of it.

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Unless you’re Dr. Alan Grant.

Then you’ll be fine.


Do I correctly sense a Jurassic Park reference?

And it’s interesting how in other languages the (presumed) Snatcher name translates to Raptor in English. I certainly don’t see the Carrier named as such. Thankfully, I have not encountered being constantly stuck in place near where it died. Why this feature was included in MP rather than being only in the Campaign is a mystery to me.

It wouldn’t even be as much of an issue if TC didn’t senselessly speed up the kill animation of the Snatcher and Carrier in 5, compared to 4.



Wait, when did they add Velociraptors?


I presume you mean the Snatcher? It’s a rare bug but has been happening for a long time.

I personally submitted a ticket about this issue over a year ago.


Random linguistics: We always refer to a carrier as karriär, which is actually swedish for career, but phonetically it’s closer to carrier.

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In the US “snatcher” is prounounced huge vagina monster.

I haven’t had it with the Snatcher for a while, but have had it with the Carrier a couple of times.
Fortunately it’s nowhere near as common as it used to be.

Damn it!

I wanted to make the Jurassic park jokes!

■■■■ it.