When will we get this?

How awesome would it be to have a Thrashball Drone skin with achievements like (kill Thrashball Cole 10 times with Thrashball Drone)

You mean having the Thrashball Drone skin as a reward? Question - how would you get the Thrashball Drone skin in order to get 10 kills with the Thrashball Drone?


Pepper ALWAYS asking the tough questions

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Assuming that we can’t have a paradox:

I think he means what you said. Some way to earn Thrashball drone and then a new achievement to defeat Thrashball Cole with said drone.

First, you get the Swarm thrashball drone. Weak, feeble, rubbish compared to the almighty thrashball drone.

You kill thrashball Cole 10 times with the rubbish skin, TC will deem you worthy enough to gain access to the thrashball drone.


Rookie Oscar etc

I did miss the charm in the “Kill Minh 10 times as Raam,” and I believe there was another one too from Gears 3. I think Judgement had one too.

Would love these combinations.

Marcus > Myrrah
Skorge > Tai
Sniper > Anthony
Dom > Dom
Paduk > COG Gear
Kait > Speaker
Fahz > Del
Jack > Juvies

Etc etc. Some of these would have to be FFA but whatever.

As much as I like the concept I hate achievement that rely on the randomness of other players

It would hurt Achievement Hunters (Unless possible in Private) but I like the charm to it.

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Should just be the character drone as anyone can get that, if they want to do achievements with character skins the skin should be in supply so it’s available to all

I remember a similar one in Gears 3 where RAAM must execute Minh 10 times in Versus. Was this possible in private? I only did this and completed in Quickplay.

Yeah that’s the one I referenced. I believe it had to be done in Public Versus though.

Achievements for public versus are what made me stop being an achievement hunter

I used to buy games based on 2 things:

Did I like the gameplay
Did I think I could get 100% achievements

GTA IV broke me with its online racing achievements

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For me it’s a mixture of gameplay/story.

That’s why I gravitate towards Gears and God of War, Wolfenstein and others.

If I 100% games, it just happens. I’ve never tried for it. Never understood it.

Yeah once my Achievement hunting days were over, my ISP decided I wasn’t allowed to have fun in multiplayer and I became a story guy. Been that way for 8 years now.

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this just isn’t worth thier time right now, as in, not important at all.

so many more pressing issues that need to be fixed with this game first

As much as I agree.

People who make skins =/= People who make the net code and other infrastructure.

this one is correct.

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