When will there be new maps

Been playing gears since gears of war 1, but whats happing with the new maps ect for gears 5?. I played since the beta and bought the gears 5 ultimate edition before release but not seen any new maps now for a while so it’s getting a bit boring :(. Would like to know when new maps will be coming out if anyone know?..

I share ur pain as someone whose been here from the start but Gears 5 is following a new schedule compared to previous titles and are doing new maps only for when new operations start so every 3-4 months only for maps and other “goodies” I just want mansion and rivers to come back

Lol what was the relevance of you stating you have been playing since gow 1?

Dont fall prey into scoring veteran points, there are enough people like that here already.

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I want gears 2 maps like firestation and river

Op 3 will have new maps, though probably not as many as we’d like. End of the month, I think