When will the OSOK homerun execution event end?

Anybody know when this will end? I personally do not like OSOK (bc I’m bad) and I want to see what day is the last day to earn it

Events usually switch at 10am PST on Tuesday.

I wish OSOK were available all the time.

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This is one of those things (among many) that players would actually like to know, but you know how it is: The director of communications doesn’t speak gears and since there is no community manager, they can’t be bothered to inform their customers.

The usual forum lurker will tell you Tuesday morning, specifically what @jvergoth said. It’s only a guess, it could be extended (or not).

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Just depends on what we mostly think.

It’s fun, even when I’m losing.

Events last for 2 weeks nowdays right?

Best not to assume more than 1 week

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I recommend doing this ASAP. I’m not even a great sniper, but you can find problems with medal tracking or not finding players. I know players who lost the reward of certain events for these reasons.

Pretty sure that for whatever reason, I read that this event was just 1 week, so check which date it launched on.

I made sure to get my wins today just because of that and got the execution.