When will the Coaltion devs become active on the forums?

I honestly think our perspective on the game isn’t helping anything if the devs dont see them.



They’re pretty active on Twitter. If you’re that big of a fan, get with the times and follow them on Twitter.

Like it or not, dedicated gaming forums are a dying platform.

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I wasn’t trying to be offensive, just stating facts.

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hahahahahaha :smile:

Hopefully soon enough with the new community manager (not sure if she’s only temporary)

What new community manager?

My comment was not serious in nature. Andius isn’t “new” per se.

Again, too soon :cry:

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Sad but true, what’s worse is that twitters gui is a nightmare for any sort of serious conversation.

In my eyes it’s also the opposite, casual fans use twitter since they don’t need to create or use a second login or remember/bookmark another website. While the dedicated(real fans) ones use the dedicated forums.
Twitter should only ever be used for server announcements when the main website/forum is down.


I should put new in ‘’ because she’s not new but new at the same time

Agreed. I prefer forums myself. I think some ppl misunderstood my post.

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Not going to lower myself to using twitter just because the devs refuse to participate in their forum.


This 100%!
Makes no sense, unless they just lurk?:thinking:

Bring back Guardian!!!


from the Dev Talk where they mentioned TC_Octus is leaving, it was mentioned that the forum was not being looked at, in favour for Reddit

I hope the new CM will change this, otherwise the forum is a bit miss-leading.


Bring back Guardian!

Yeah but you still came off really douchey.

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You bet your a** you’re right about that, some of us are old gamers on here too.