When will TC sell eSports Kait skin?

I find it really BS that you had to watch the stream that was only available during the weekend within a limited time window. It didn’t really fit my schedule because of work. I got the other task completed because of the wider time window. I was unable to attain the skin.

Anyway, when will TC get around of selling the eSports Kait skin? I don’t mind dropping like $20 for the skin. I find character skins more appealing than the ■■■■■■ weapon skins they put out and the questioning design choices such as putting logos of the game on the weapons. Sigh facepalm. It’s like you want to drop money on this game, but you can’t type of feeling.

What I don’t get is that the designation for it is classified as “loyalty” rather than “eSports”.
I really hate the timed exclusivity where it’s more of the “Too bad so sad” aspect of it.
That was enough to put me off from the game and play other titles. I’m just checking in if there are any plans to sell this skin so I can complete my collection.

Gears of War 4 Vintage Kait skin isn’t available yet when they have all the Vintage skins out there, it just throws off the collecting portion.
I hope TC makes changes on this front. I mean it took like a year to sell Outsider Kait skin in Gears 5 which is kind baffling, like finally… but now sell the other skins.

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That was one of the Road to Gears 5 rewards. Sorry to disappoint you, but they’ve stated in the past that all RtG5 unlocks would remain exclusive forever.

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They explicitly said at the time the rewards will stay locked and exclusive to make them feel worthwhile.

It’s one of those things, you either got it or didn’t.

It’s the same for other gamers, some streams have skins go up at 2-3am.

It’s just how it it.


I assume you mean Baseball cap Kait ? Awful skin, if I could gift it to you I would, never used and never will use.


There is another skin of Kait in a hoodie being sold in the store. The AAPE skin also features Kait in a hoodie. I don’t know if that will satisfy you or not, but some expressed that they really didn’t care specifically for her eSports skin, per se, but merely wanted a skin of Kait in hoodie. These folks also deemed the AAPE hoodie, as superior to her eSports hoodie. Don’t know if this applies to you or not but just a suggestion.

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