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When will TC realize...(Gears DEBATE)

I guess because I don’t see this as an issue as it doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on me? I don’t know because I have never considered myself having any more of a delay doing it either way. I choose my battles and take the mechanics for what they are.

The only delay that needs to be solved is that 3 frame buffer delay that they implemented into the XBOX version of Gears 4. I am now on PC but until last month I was on XBOX and this delay was such a stupid thing and we were never given a reason as to why it exists.

Well, then slide up to a wall and blind fire.

Then slide up to a wall and left trigger shoot.

I understand game versions change, but the delay is abnormal is what the original poster is getting at.

I wouldn’t ever do that because doing so would actually have a negative effect on my play style given that aiming in would have a negative effect on me due to field of view. I constantly bounce off walls to spin behind a player and hip fire them into a death. If I were to hard aim, even without that delay, it would have a significant negative effect on me. In other words, it evens out. There has to be a risk/reward here and that’s what is happening here.

Also, I don’t recall the OP ever mentioning anything about cover so the argument by many of us here is valid.

Edit: By the way, no one in the higher tiers is a “left trigger clicker” as the OP states. I am not sure what tier he’s in but I know for a fact that anyone doing that in a high Onyx/Diamond tiers would get rocked.

@Krylon_Blue, you’re over passing the original point.

OP talked about delay in blind fire.

I don’t know where you’re going with this.

Nowhere in Op’s post does it mention a delay with blindfire

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Shot delays are added to make you think on how to move into and through any given situation. Removing all of these would allow you to make a move with no consequence for doing so. What you are focusing on is to make this game more noob friendly by allowing a player to make a huge mistake and not be penalized for it.

I’m good on that one. Keep the skill in Gears.

So Gears 1 didn’t require much skill?

All this Up + A in Gears 4 brings out a lot of noob in this game, personally.

Nowhere in this thread is this mentioned. This is the original post for this thread. Also nowhere in the thread comment you posted did the person say the delay in blindfire specifically

It required skill but the game requires more skill now due to the complexity of it.

If mastering a mechanic, such as Up+A brings out a lot of noob, I have no idea what to say to you. If anything learning how to properly do this on a consistent basis makes you a more skilled player, not a worse player.

That would be dumb af

I don’t get it

I would like to go back to Gears 1 movement, but no it’ll never happen unfortunately

The roll is more worth it now than ever before. In Gears 4 and 5, you can take cover in the middle of a misroll, which is really disorienting to the guy trying to chunk you. I’d wager that more than 50% of misrolls at close range actually turn into kills rather than deaths.


From my experience in Gears 4 so far, I hear more often than not my teammates say, “I rolled by accident, ah… I’m dead”. In other words, rolling typically favors the person who DIDN’T roll.

Gears 1 rolling was a really powerful form of dodging. Obviously not saying you’re going to win the battle, but many times opponents would miss. ESPECIALLY when they’d do the classic back roll if you were sneaking up behind them.

Now in Gears 4, rolling usually ends up in a death from the person who rolled. :frowning:

You forgot the end of the sentence, it should be:

“I rolled by accident, ah… I’m dead. Wait, nevermind."

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Haha, nope, because I’ve yet to hear that in Gears 4 :wink:

These people will fight you to death if it changes gears4…which to be honest…I don’t care…they can have gears4 they can have gears5…if the coalition put out paid patches for their ancient 360 titles gears1,2,3
Everyone would end up winning


IMO it’s the biggest advantage of playing on PC. Not M&K.

Just to clear up the terminology. Blindfiring is only done when in cover. This assertion is validated by the fact that you only earn the blindfire ribbon in a match when you shoot both while in cover and without using LT. This ribbon doesn’t come up when hip firing, which of course, is when you shoot both while standing out of cover and without using LT.

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Agreed, but even then I don’t think it’s that large. But it’s definitely something that should have never existed to the begin with.

I guess it supposedly helps with screen tearing and/or graphics.

Especially with the One X, there should be an option to disable V Sync. And deal with whatever graphical downgrade that results. I doubt it would be significant if it existed at all.

But, yeah,I agree. I never look at PC players and say “they won because they’re 3 frames ahead.” It sure as the hell doesn’t hurt though.

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